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Top Places To Get Inspiration For Your Next Interiors Project

Top Places To Get Inspiration For Your Next Interiors Project

Fortunately for us, we’re in an age where we pretty much have access to everything at the touch a button. We’re constantly being inspired by things we see on the web. Plus, the masses of posts of social media give you an insight into modern lifestyles. That said, this medium is taking over a little. It can be easy to get sucked into this virtual world, that getting inspiration from external sources seems like too much effort.

However, taking a step away from the screen could open up a world of possibilities and great ideas for your next renovation project. So why not leave the Pinterest boards for a few hours and head out and about to see what could inspire your next interior styling project.

Photo by Aurélien Dockwiller on Unsplash

Visit local heritage buildings

Even if you prefer contemporary style, heading to local heritage sites could give you a world of inspiration for your interiors. Taking a look at the trends and decor from previous decades could inspire you to incorporate them in a modern way. Exploring how things were built and crafted also offers you an insight into the past. Plus, it could give you food for thought on perhaps doing some upcycling or reworking of old furniture instead of heading out to buy everything brand new.

Get samples at your local merchants

When we do everything online, it can take away the actual experience of sampling things in real life. Once we order, and it arrives, it’s not until then you realise it doesn’t work in your home. Taking some time to visit local builders merchants and businesses can offer you the chance to see things before you buy. If you’re local to the area, JC Plumbing and Heating, a Plumbers merchants Dorset encourage you to go and check out their showroom. When you’re renovating, it’s important to get a real vibe of how your room could look. So head to a local showroom or merchants to sample ideas firsthand.

Photo by Sylvia Prats on Unsplash

Shop the independents

Some of the best ways to decorate and style your interiors is to head to independent stores. Leading retailers are great for most items when you’re renovating. But if you don’t want the same curtains as Janet down the road, looking away from the chain stores is a must.

Markets are also a great way to pick up unique items. Plus you might find handmade pieces or options to get custom made interior accessories for your living spaces.

Get outside

Inspiration can come from unlikely places. So why not just get outside and go for a stroll. Visiting and experiencing new locations offer a range of different sights to take in. This could be historical landmarks, beautiful scenery or contemporary architecture. However, each has a unique charm that could get your creative juices flowing.

There’s nothing wrong with using online sources to get inspired for your next interiors project. But, if you’re looking to add something a little different to the overall look. Why not see if getting out and experiencing new things could help create something truly unique to you.


Top photo by Sylvia Prats on Unsplash