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Wimbledon: Expert Tips To Master a Tennis Inspired Tipple

Wimbledon: Expert Tips To Master a Tennis Inspired Tipple

Wimbledon is always one of the highlights of British summer. Not only is there tennis from the most talented players in the world to watch, but these festivities give us the perfect opportunity to host our own viewing parties and enjoy a few drinks during the match. And to make the most of this special occasion, why not go all out with your drinks to celebrate the 135th Wimbledon tournament?

Of course, Pimms and champagne are both staples of this event, with Champagne Lanson being the event’s official champagne sponsor. While these tipples are the perfect drink to enjoy the match with, you may want to push the boat out and try something a little different as well. If you’re looking to enjoy a tasty cocktail over the tournament, whether it’s to have as your signature drink at a Wimbledon party or simply to enjoy in front of the telly, choose a beverage especially made for Wimbledon.

To give you some inspiration, the experts at Bottled & Boxed are here to share four delicious cocktails inspired by iconic Wimbledon players to help you celebrate in style.

Watson’s Wimbledon classic

There’s no better way to celebrate Wimbledon than by paying homage to the first-ever women’s singles winner, Maud Watson. Many don’t know that just like the Murray’s and the Williams’, Maud Watson had a tennis-playing sister who she actually beat to win the first-ever women’s final in 1844.

Maud went on to win the tournament the following year, although the following few years, she would slow down due to a wrist injury. Sadly Maud Watson’s win didn’t make big news at the time, so it’s time we honour her contribution with a special Wimbledon cocktail of her own. And there’s no better ingredient to use in this summer drink than Pimms.

Pimms have long been a staple of Wimbledon. The spectators enjoy it so much, in fact, that 320,000 glasses of the stuff are consumed throughout the competition. Using this drink is the perfect way to celebrate a classic competitor. To make it extra special for the first women’s single winner, this recipe uses champagne. To make this drink, simply pour 25 ml of Pimms into a champagne flute and top it off with rose champagne. It’s easy to make, absolutely delicious, and the perfect homage to an iconic Wimbledon winner.

Murray mojito

There’s no way we could have a list of Wimbledon-inspired cocktails without dedicating one to Jamie and Andy Murray. Jamie is a two-time winner of the mixed doubles tournament, and his brother Andy is a Wimbledon icon. Not only has he won Wimbledon two times, but he ended a long drought for British tennis fans by becoming the first British tennis player to win the men’s singles championship at the tournament in a long 77 years.

While the Murray’s compete for Britain, they’re also proud Scotsmen, and their signature cocktail should represent that. This is why we’ve chosen a mojito with a twist by replacing white rum with a delicious Scotch whisky and soda with ginger beer. The whisky adds a lovely heat and rich flavour to the drink, which is perfectly paired with the strong, flavourful ginger beer.  

To make this drink, add a juiced lime, a couple of teaspoons of sugar, and muddle these ingredients together. If you’re looking for something to perfectly complement the heat of the whisky, add a dash of smooth honey too. Then simply pour in two shot glasses (roughly 100 ml) of whisky, fill the rest of the glass with ginger beer, stir, and serve.

Williams wine and bourbon spritz

Another iconic tennis sibling duo is the Williams sisters, who have put in some fantastic Wimbledon performances over their careers. Venus has won the tournament five times and has finished as runner-up four times, while her sister Serena has won a staggering seven times and has also finished runner-up four times. While neither of the sisters has made it onto the women’s singles entry list for Wimbledon 2022, it’s safe to say that they have left an impressive legacy and will be remembered at the tournament for years to come.  

To pay homage to this famous Wimbledon pair, this recipe uses one of the most iconic drinks from their country: bourbon from the United States. This drink also combines Serena’s love of wine with Venus’ love of spritz by using an elegant sparkling wine. To make this drink, add a shot of bourbon, 30 ml of Aperol, and a tablespoon of lemon juice to a large wine glass filled with ice. Then simply top the glass up with a sparkling wine of your choice, garnish with a sprig of mint, and enjoy!

Nadal’s tequila sangria

While Rafael Nadal has just won the Wimbledon men’s singles championship twice, he’s still one of the most iconic players in the tournament. He is a hero amongst Spanish tennis fans after becoming the second-ever Spanish player to win Wimbledon after beating Roger Federer in 2008. This match wasn’t just one to watch for Spanish tennis fans: it was considered to be one of the greatest games in the history of Wimbledon between two world-class players at the top of their game.  

Sangria is a Spanish classic and the perfect summertime drink for Wimbledon. And to give it a special twist for Nadal, this recipe uses tequila as the Spanish tennis star has previously expressed his love for this Mexican spirit. To make a tequila sangria, start by adding fruit to a large serving jug. You can use any which takes your fancy, but berries and citrus fruits work particularly well with this recipe. Next, add a bottle (750 ml) of white wine, six shots of tequila, and three shots of triple sec. Fill the rest of the jug with citrus-flavoured soda water or tonic, stir, and serve.

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