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The Fine Art Of Dining (Areas)
dining areas

The Fine Art Of Dining (Areas)

It seems like perhaps the dining room has gone out of fashion a little, as we have embraced a more open plan style of living. However, that does mean the basic essentials of a successful dining room and meal experience can’t be applied to this new form. In fact, paying attention to the little details like the right table, dinner service, and cutlery can make all the difference when we eat. Read on to find out more.

The space

Open plan dining areas are currently popular. First of all, if you are working with an open plan space make sure that you at least have enough space to sit everyone comfortably. No one wants to be squashed up when they are eating or feel cramped.

Next, consider who will sit where and whether you will make this a permanent feature of setting your table? It can actually work very well, as folks tend to get used to their places and you can ensure they are sitting in the best sport for their comfort. For example, the kids next to the parent that feeds them, and older member of the family like gran away from any drafts.

The table and chairs

Probably the important part of getting a dining area right is the table and chairs that you pick. I’ll give you a hint here if they are all random and don’t match, you probably aren’t winning.

To remedy this, take some time to look at items like these dining table sets from PoL Furniture to see what would best suit your needs. Remember that when choosing a table set you should consider carefully how much space you will need, and whether it’s worth getting an extendable table, so you seat a larger group when entertaining.

The dinner service

Of course following close second in the importance stakes is the dinner service that you use. Back in the day folks used to have an everyday one and one for best, although the lines have blurred a little now.

That means it’s probably a good idea to invest in a reasonably priced set that also fits in with the aesthetics of your home, then use it for all occasions. Just remember to think about the actual experience of dining off them though, as well as how they look. Otherwise, you may end up spending a fair bit of cash on the latest patterned plates, only to realise that you prefer plain ones!

The cutlery

Last, of all, don’t forget to put some effort in when selecting the cutlery that you will use for your dining area. Don’t be tempted to skimp on this either, because it can really make or break the vibe you get over dinner.

Go for something modern that has a little weight behind it, as that usually make for the most pleasant experience. Although, if you are worried the kids won’t be able to lift this sort cutlery, you can go for something a little lighter, or get them their own special set while they are growing up.