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The Best Women’s Trainers For Different Foot Types

The Best Women’s Trainers For Different Foot Types

We’ve all been there. You think you’ve found a stylish and comfortable new pair of trainers…only to realise halfway down the road you couldn’t have been more wrong.

While it might not seem like a big deal, ill-fitting shoes can cause a lot more issues than just blisters. If your shoes are too big or small, this can radiate to your core and cause pain and tightness in your back, calves and glutes.

To remove the guesswork and help you find your perfect pair, pro sneakerhead and CEO of The Sole Supplier George Sullivan gives his round-up of the best women’s trainers for different foot types.

Wide feet

You may think you know your shoe size, but it often refers to the length rather than the width of a shoe. Some brands naturally come up wider than others, so once you’ve found your favourite it’s worth sticking with it.

Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low

Nike Air Force 1s are roomy by design and have generous wiggle room in the spacious toe box. They’re heavier in weight than some other “chunky” styles but the collar is padded for extra support and comfort.

Nike M2K Tekno

The Nike M2K Tekno has a loose and spacious fit, making it ideal for wide feet. It also runs true-to-size, so you shouldn’t have to go up a size.

Veja V-10

Named as one of “the world’s hottest shoes” thanks to the Duchess of Sussex, the Veja-V10 is perfect for wide feet as it naturally comes up large. It may take a while for the leather to soften and mould to your feet, so make sure to wear them in slowly with socks.

Narrow feet

The current trend for chunky dad trainers might leave you worried that you’ll never find a comfy pair again if you have narrow feet. Don’t fret, here are the best women’s trainers if your feet are on the narrow side…

Converse All Star Hi

Converse All Stars are based on men’s measurements but they’re still narrower than many other brands, so if you have narrow feet go for a half or full size down. They also have good lateral support with extended lacing up the ankle, so they’ll keep you snug.

Adidas Gazelle

The Gazelle is a classic narrow trainer and comes in an array of colourways for every season. The traditional lace-up closure gives you even greater control to fit the shoe to your foot.

Vans Old Skool

Another classic with a short break-in period and narrow fit. If you’re usually in between two sizes, go for the size up, rather than the size down.

Flat arch

Flat feet, or “fallen arches”, is where your feet press flat on the ground when you walk. You might not think you need to worry when it comes to picking trainers, but a well-supportive and comfy pair will make sure you don’t suffer any pain or discomfort.


Although built with bulky outsoles, the insole of the Sambarose is narrower than you’d think. It’s also equipped with a lightweight Ortholite sockliner for moisture management and long-term cushioning.

Epic React Flyknit

With personalised stability with a snug and secure fit, the Epic React Flyknit will get you through up-tempo days and long runs.

High arch

If you have a high arch, the ball and heel of your foot take more weight than normal which can lead to ligament damage, inflammation, clawed toes and ankle instability. You’ll need a trainer with a well-constructed and stable midsole like the following:

Nike Air Max Dia

The Nike Air Max Dia is commended for its thick cushioned midsoles which give an unbelievable level of comfort, cradling arched feet.

Puma Thunder

The Puma Thunder is relatively lightweight compared to its chunky façade and has a well-supported construction with a midfoot backbone to maximise stability where you need it.


Image credits: The Sole Supplier