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Teach, Travel, and Earn – The VIP Nanny Job That Has It All

Teach, Travel, and Earn – The VIP Nanny Job That Has It All

Striking a balance between work and play is essential. However, it isn’t always easy to find the perfect role to earn money, enjoy your job, and still have time to travel. VIP nanny jobs offer the best of both worlds, and you can have a fulfilling career that takes you all over the world and gives you the chance to teach and earn money at the same time.

Teaching skills are in demand 

While you might consider the term governess slightly outdated, there is still an extensive demand for qualified teachers who can have a better earning power working as a live-in governess or nanny for the rich and famous. For these VIP’s they can make life much easier for themselves as parents. Having a friendly, caring nanny supporting them, they can enjoy their children while still enjoying the lifestyle they have created. It makes such a difference to them knowing that their children are being taught well and looked after at all times.

In many cases, these families will be looking for a native speaker of a second language, as while they will be native speakers, they want to offer their children strong language skills. Being taught any language is much easier when a native speaker is on hand. So, if you have English as your second language, your native tongue could quickly secure you a prestigious position. The positions tend to attract outstanding salaries, accommodation, and extra perks such as joining the family abroad.

Extensive travel is a bonus

If you fancy seeing the world, it can be pretty tricky to fit this into a few holidays a year. If you have ever sat in the office counting down the days to your next two weeks off, you will know the frustration. One or two countries a year may leave you feeling like you will never get to all the places you long to see. However, working as a VIP nanny, you will get the chance to travel with the family to many different countries, and then when your holidays roll around, you can go to even more new and exciting places. 

From your employer’s point of view, your support is invaluable. Maintaining a family and spending time with them is hard if work means you have to go away a lot. But if they can take the family wherever they need to be for work, the cost of a live-in nanny is something they are happy to pay for. Going as the nanny means that although you will be working some of the time, you can usually negotiate a few hours off to explore the local area on your own. However, even if you are required to be on duty all of the time, you will still have annual leave where you are free to go wherever you like. 

Finally, just because the term ‘nanny’ is used, it is important to remember that male teachers are welcomed too! It all comes down to the best fit for the family!

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