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Spotlight On The Belstaff S/S 2020 Collection

Spotlight On The Belstaff S/S 2020 Collection

This summer saw the launch of the impressive Belstaff Travelogue collection for S/S 2020 and it is certainly a line which will draw attention. The iconic British heritage brand has a history of designing clothing for active types that like to travel and the new collection has taken a contemporary approach to this vision.

A new vision

Belstaff’s Creative Director, Sean Lehnhardt-Moore explained the inspiration behind this season’s new collection and Lehnhardt-Moore’s second for the brand:

“Since its first days in the 1920s in the industrial north of England, Belstaff has always made kit for those who love to travel and explore. With the pace of modern life being ‘always-on’ it feels we have now come full circle, as we crave experiences that take us back to nature; personal journeys of discovery that take us off the beaten track – that is what has inspired this season’s collection: Travelogue.”

A modern spin

The Travelogue collection puts a modern spin on traditional pieces through the use of contrasts, such as juxtaposing fabrics and colours for a striking and stylish look but still retaining the practical aspect that is so important for Belstaff’s customers. The idea came about through Lehnhardt-Moore discovering two jackets from Belstaff’s archives which fuelled his imagination:

“One was a cotton fishing jacket called the Castmaster, the other was a crisp, nautical jacket from the 70s – the XL500. The Collection became about the fusion of these two spirits. Both pieces had Belstaff’s signature use of the best fabrics and finishes, and yet each interpreted these qualities in different ways. I was interested in the juxtaposition of fabrics using Linen and Cotton that has a lived-in quality, but mixing them with something that’s very Belstaff, such as ‘Oxford Nylon’”.

A new flagship store

This modern approach comes at an exciting time for Belstaff as they have just opened a new flagship store on London’s iconic Regent Street. The new store encompasses their “community-first” retail approach as it is a space which encourages people to come in and spend time in the shop whether this is learning how to maintain their wax jackets, watching a presentation or chilling out at the in-store bar. It is also the best place to check out the latest collections along with their staple pieces, such as the Belstaff suede shearling jackets.

Belstaff’s exciting Travelogue collection for S/S 2020 is an interesting and exciting new direction for the British brand which is all part of their new approach. They have managed to retain their key concepts of clothing for active types that like to travel and explore but they have managed to breathe new life into this with visually attractive, interesting and unique pieces which are sure to turn heads.


Image credits: Belstaff