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Spotlight On: Art Deco Inspired Design at Hepburn & Hughes Jewellery

Spotlight On: Art Deco Inspired Design at Hepburn & Hughes Jewellery

When we think of art deco, most of us find ourselves casting our minds back to the 1920s – the glitz and glamour of lavish parties in the era that were so famously captured by films like The Great Gatsby. However, the art deco movement is obviously more than just that one film and, truthfully, is an aesthetic which has influenced so many amazing product ranges and offerings – like the Clarice Cliff collection at Hepburn & Hughes.

A family-run business with unique style

When it comes to the joy of a family-run business, there’s always a good story to explore, and this is no different.

Hepburn & Hughes are the team of Zoe and Louise, who run the business together. After inheriting a large stock of stunning art deco jewellery from a family member, they set about making gorgeous offerings that are firmly set in the 1920s era.

The pair love to scour antique shops and online listings to find new and exciting products, all while keeping faithful to the rich history of the time. Whether it’s jewellery made from fragments of the Berlin Wall or materials salvaged from HMS Victory, there’s something for everyone.

The Clarice Cliff collection

The amazing Clarice Cliff Art Deco collection is inspired by Clarice Cliff, who is synonymous with the art deco movement. As an English ceramic artist, she made a name for herself with striking tableware and ceramics.

The jewellery, in this case, is made from pieces of these broken ceramics, and all the jewellery is handmade and uniquely upcycled.

There are pendants, earrings, and rings, all in a range of different styles. Arguably one of the best things about this is the fact that you can see the original ceramic patterns in the jewellery. Great care has been taken to preserve the pattern, and the result is something spectacular.

A couple of great examples include this art deco ring, which has a striking orange and pink design – perfect for styling with spring/summer trends. There are also pieces like the art deco pendant, which has a similarly impressive artistic design. Both of these are available in different colours and styles, so it’s the perfect excuse to experiment with vintage-inspired design.

Discover the beauty of upcycled design at Hepburn & Hughes

Alongside the Clarice Cliff collection, Hepburn & Hughes brings a variety of distinctive and beautiful pieces to your collection. Each is unique in its own way, from the raw beauty of the Meteorite collection, which features fragments of the rare Swedish Muonionalusta meteorite, to Minton Pottery jewellery made from an upcycled broken Blue Willow Minton plate. There is undoubtedly a design and style to suit everyone.

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Images: Hepburn & Hughes