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Seaside Sophistication: Elevating UK Men’s Swimwear for Upscale Coastal Escapes

Seaside Sophistication: Elevating UK Men’s Swimwear for Upscale Coastal Escapes

Spending time at top beaches and coastal locations does not mean you have to forego looking good while doing it. You can stay up-to-date with the latest trends in many ways while feeling comfortable whether you go for a dip or decide to soak up the sun on the beach. Here are some ways men can elevate their swimwear and look for upscale coastal adventures.

Find great-looking swim shorts

Unless you decide to wear a typical outfit, you should choose stylish swim shorts that make you look great. Today, there are numerous designer swim shorts options to suit different aesthetics. For example, you can find tailored swim shorts that fit snugly, look great and can be paired with other outfits to create beautiful ensembles. 

You can also wear patterned or printed swim shorts that have become trendy over the last year. Exotic and tropical looks work best for upscale coastal locations.

Pair shorts with shirts that look great

If you are going for a semi-casual look, you cannot go wrong with a loosely fitting buttoned shirt. These are such a great option because you can go directly from the beach to a party without changing. You might have to button up, though.

You can also select a polo shirt to complement your swim shorts. You can go buttoned or unbuttoned but be sure to pick lighter colours if you will spend long periods under the sun.

Lastly, graphic tees have made a comeback in the last few years and are another excellent option. 

Look fashionable with sunglasses

The best protection for your eyes when you are out in the sun is sunglasses. These block harmful UV rays while also being a great addition to your ensemble. Polarised glasses provide the best protection and vision, and you should choose lightweight and comfortable options so that you do not have a constant reminder you have them on. Trending sunglass styles for men include sports, Wayfarer, translucent, round and aviator.

Cover up with a hat

Even if you apply sunscreen to your face, there is no harm in providing additional protection by wearing a hat. A functional hat is not only functional but is also stylish. It can also be the “something extra” you need to complete your ensemble. When choosing a hat, ensure it matches your features and the look you are going for.

Complete the outfit with stylish sandals

The footwear you choose from your escape should be perfect for what you will be doing and the places you will visit. For example, you might opt for flip-flops or slides if you will only be visiting the beach and then returning to the hotel. If you will be climbing over rocks and such, you should pick ones with thicker soles.

Designer beach footwear looks exceptional and will last longer, but it might be the right fit for your destination and activities.

You do not have to look boring on your adventures because numerous ensemble options can elevate your look. Use the tips above to achieve an incredible look, but always remember to ensure everything looks well put together.

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