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Over a Quarter of Brits Using Time Saved Commuting for Reading

Over a Quarter of Brits Using Time Saved Commuting for Reading

Working from home has become the new normal in 2020 and could continue even after the pandemic has ended. While opinion is divided on remote working, there is one aspect of work that most people are glad to see the back of, which is the daily commute. The average daily commute in 2018 was almost 59 minutes (both ways) which works out as a sizable chunk of the week.

How people are using their hour

So, with a whole extra hour each Monday to Friday, how have people been taking advantage of this time? This was something that was recently researched by banner printing specialists instantprint which revealed some interesting statistics. As it turns out, just 3% stated that they have wasted the extra time with the most common use of the time being reading (26%). This was followed by Netflix binges (26%), listening to new music (22%) and squeezing in an extra nap (21%).

The benefits of reading

It is fantastic to see that people are using an extra hour each day to fit in more reading because daily reading can bring a multitude of benefits. Any activity that does not involve a screen is beneficial in today’s day and age, but daily reading can also strengthen the brain, prevent cognitive decline and even alleviate signs of depression. It can also build up your vocabulary, increase your knowledge, increase empathy and much more so it is clear that it is an activity that is good for both your psychical and mental wellbeing.

Best books to read

Another reason that reading is a brilliant hobby is that there is always something that will take your interest. So, what are a few of the best new books available now for autumnal/winter reading during lockdown 2? Here are a few of the best books worth picking up.

The Searcher – Tana French

Tana French is considered a legend in the crime genre with her Dublin Murder Squad series. The Searcher is her 8th book with a Western-inspired twist and a thrilling psychological mystery set in a remote Irish village.

Leave the World Behind – Rumaan Alam

Longlisted for the National Book Award, this thrilling new book follows a white family from NYC that escape the city for a holiday in Long Island but mystery and drama follows when the Airbnb owners show up at the door.

The Purpose of Power – Alicia Garza

From one of the founders of Black Lives Matter, this brilliant book follows Garaza’s journey as an activist starting in San Francisco with important messages to learn in today’s day and age.

With many people benefiting from an extra hour each day, many are turning to reading which can be a fantastic use of time and could enrich your life in a handful of ways.


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