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How the Youth is Shaping Fashion with TikTok
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How the Youth is Shaping Fashion with TikTok

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media apps on the market, with the platform announcing that it hit one billion monthly active users in 2021.

People flock to the app every day to watch and post short videos, showing off their talents, making jokes, and flaunting their style.

apps for fashion bloggers

With a constantly updating stream of lifestyle and fashion videos, it’s a great place to see what people are wearing at the moment. There’s enough content to get inspiration no matter your style or what you feel confident wearing.

TikTok fashion has moved away from magazines and catwalks. The community is embracing empowerment, experimentation, and acceptance for how all people dress and express themselves. It’s real people sharing what they really wear.

People around the world are being inspired to try new outfits and build new wardrobe collections. With over 111 billion video views under the hashtag #fashion, it’s clear fashion is being led by the masses. Here, we explore how TikTok is Inspiring the next generation of fashion.

Capturing the youth

In 2021, 72 per cent of TikTok influencers audiences were aged between 13 and 24. The youth have a clear monopoly of content on the platform, where their tastes and influences are apparent.

For the fashion industry, the influence of the young is inspiring and shaping ongoing trends. Early millennium fashion sprang back into our lives last year, and TikTok has certainly contributed to the trend. The hashtag #Y2KFashion has over 258 million views and counting, with double denim and coordinated outfits with pops of colour being popularised.

Of course, the influence of runways should never be ignored. But when it becomes a trend on TikTok, the fashionable reach of style choices is recognisable.

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Comfort and character

While a photo speaks a thousand words, a video says a lot more. For those building outfits, users can explain their choices and how it makes them feel. The social and easy-sharing aspect of the platform also means that we’re seeing more of what we wear every day.

Searching for #fitcheck allows you to view a variety of outfits that can range from dresses to comfortable hoodies, with each post sharing what the purpose of their outfits contribute to their day. With comfort, quality, and confidence attached to each outfit, we’re shown fashion that runs deeper than aesthetics.

Comfort is a key focus for TikTokers, with dance routines and vlogs shared in hoodies and jogger trousers. Tips and tricks, including unique ways to tie hoodie strings, are also shared. Fun tie-dye sweatshirt designs also add colour to anyone’s phone screen.

Change for the better

In many ways, TikTok reflects the fashion industry’s core values. TikTok became a movement of self-expression during the pandemic, and while the success of dance challenges and personal style videos has launched the careers of many young people, at its heart remains an authenticity.

Authentic content and style are key for the fashion industry moving forward. Gen Z are determining what they’re going to wear rather than being prescribed outfits by a decided trend.

Feeling happy and confident in clothes has led to the capsule wardrobe, a trend that aims to end repetitive buying. The hashtag #capsulewardrobe has over 79 million views on TikTok. The young generation is encouraging each other to find what makes them look good and feel happy and stick to it.

As we begin to see trends for the close of winter and the beginning of spring 2022, will the young generation yet again shape the direction of fashion for the next year? Fashion aficionados will be sitting with their TikTok refreshing to see what the latest trends will be.


Images: Unsplash