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Kitchen Redesign Ideas: Top Trends of 2022

Kitchen Redesign Ideas: Top Trends of 2022

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home kitchen or renovate a property for resale, there are plenty of easy ways to get the best out of your kitchen space, but what are the top kitchen re-design trends for 2022?    


Amidst soaring fuel and energy bills and a cost of living crisis, the energy efficiency and sustainability of our homes has never played such a crucial role in determining household outgoings. In order to reduce utility bills and carbon emissions, try to approach your re-design project with sustainability in mind; when shopping for materials or renovating your kitchen, consider going with the most environmentally friendly options that are likely to last the longest.

Soft shapes

While renovating the exterior of your property may seem like the best way to make a good impression on prospective buyers, the kitchen is a crucial everyday space that needs to be both attractive and functional. By incorporating smooth, rounded edges into your design motif (whether it be curved marble countertops, rounded appliances, or a semi-circular breakfast bar), you’ll lend a sleek and luxurious look to the space whilst creating a more welcoming vibe – in 2022, curves beat corners hands down.

Open display shelving

Open display shelving is another notable trend that’s been popular this year, with many renters and homeowners making use of open display shelves to maximise storage space and add character to their kitchens. Whether you use your shelves to organise dry ingredients, display herbs and flowers or store bulky utensils, installing floating display shelves is an easy and cost-effective way to improve the appearance of your kitchen and optimise your space.

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Layered lighting

Layered lighting is a key design trend in 2022 that is closely linked to the popularity of natural shapes and open display shelving – mounted wall lights, LED smart lights, pendant lights and circular lights can go a long way in adding drama, atmosphere and the illusion of extra space to even the smallest of kitchens. A well-designed layered lighting plan can transform a drab kitchen into a luxurious environment fit for a show home. 

Incorporating a pantry

Pantries and utility rooms have become increasingly desirable to prospective homeowners in recent years, so installing a pantry in your kitchen is one of the easiest ways to add instant value to your property. If your budget allows (and if you have the space), consider setting aside some room for a small pantry or utility area – this will work best with floor-to-ceiling open display shelving.

Two-tone colours

As well as a growing trend for calming green tones in the kitchen, sleek monochrome and two-tone are back with a bang in 2022. While dark colours may not work as well in smaller spaces, the contrast between black and white or dark and light always works well in a kitchen, especially on tiling, cabinets, and walls – remember to keep it minimal when working with two-tone colours to avoid overcrowding.


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