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Have You Forgotten These 5 Business Website Essentials?

Have You Forgotten These 5 Business Website Essentials?

It’s likely you already know what to do if you want to create the perfect business website

Things like choosing a user-friendly design, selecting the right domain name, and making it easy for your visitors to navigate the site will undoubtedly be high on your website priority list.

However, you may not be aware of some other website essentials that aren’t widely discussed in general but are still vitally important.

Your goal is to create a fantastic website that everyone will love using, so with that in mind, here are five lesser-known but critical considerations to make before you go live:

Website loading speed

Your website visitors don’t want to hang around all day waiting for your page content to load. When you select a hosting solution for your website, check that it offers lightning-speed access.

You could even use a cloud service like Amazon AWS or Google Cloud to host static content like images on global servers, resulting in fast access speeds for visitors from other countries.

Communication channels

Most business websites have a contact form or a link to their primary email address if customers want to communicate electronically with them.

As a forward-thinking brand, it makes sense for your business to look at other convenient electronic communication methods. 

For example, live chat software for website and e-commerce platforms on the Internet allows customers to contact businesses in real time without picking up the phone.

Plus, links to WhatsApp numbers can also provide a seamless customer service experience for mobile visitors.

Language translations

There’s no denying that the Internet makes it easier for firms to sell their products and services on a global stage. Of course, some issues could stall potential sales – one of which is potential language barriers.

Thankfully, it’s easy to translate content into different languages using a translation service or having a Google Translate button on each web page. The former option, however, is ideal if you want to avoid any translation problems completely!

Legal compliance

Depending on where you host your content and your target audience, there might be some regulatory compliance points to consider before going live with a new website.

For instance, websites in the UK and EU must display information about cookies to first-time visitors, and limited companies must write their full company name, contact details, and company number somewhere on each page (like the footer).

Technical support

Lastly, what happens if you come across issues with your website? Are you technically adept at sorting such problems out, or would you feel out of your depth?

If the latter answer is correct, ensure someone like a web design company can assist with any website questions, issues, or emergencies.

Final thoughts

Websites are simple enough to create these days. Still, it pays to learn more about the lesser-known details associated with building ones that are accessible and follow all applicable regulatory compliance.

The above ideas and suggestions will help you make informed choices during the website-building process – resulting in the perfect online home for your brand.

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