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Furnishing Living Rooms with Style

Furnishing Living Rooms with Style

The living room is a very important part of any house. It has such a name for a reason: it’s where families and friends share most of their time. It’s also where we welcome visitors. A well-furnished and decorated living room can set the mood of the entire house, and it’s also where you’ll strike a remarkable first impression on your guests. 

Furnishing is largely a matter of taste, which means there’s no right or wrong here. However, you can use some general tips to guide your choices in pretty much any situation. Come with us and check out a few ideas for your special place. 

Read the room

Each living room is unique in its shape and size, and you can make it even more so with a bit of imagination. Custom area rugs can be tailored to fit any space, adding a personal touch. You’ll probably want to avoid overcrowding it with furniture, plants, and whatnot. Apart from being confusing to the senses, it can also be inconvenient for movement, especially in smaller spaces. 

You can add stylish and functional solutions like this flip down tv ceiling mount from Maior. This bold design saves space on surfaces and even allows movement around the TV area. Remember to keep sofas and couches facing each other, as it creates a conversational 
space in the room.

Check other useful tips in the short guide below.

Make a point

Choose a place in the room to be the focal point that will attract the most attention. It’s usually the first thing people will see when walking into the room; it could be a fireplace or a large mirror. It’s much easier to decorate a room starting from its focal point. Make sure the rest of the furniture matches the vibe of your focal point. 

Live it up

Breathe life into the room by favouring natural light sources and adding plants for interior decoration. Nevertheless, combining different light sources can add nuance to the whole thing. Excessive light or darkness can ruin the vibe you’re trying to create. Since there’s no rule of thumb here, you’ll probably have to experiment with different lighting until you find exactly what meets your needs.


Do you prefer monochromatic environments or those with more varied colours? Regardless of your choice, it’s advisable to stay coherent. You can pick a black-and-white theme or different shades of the same colour. It’s up to you; just make sure colours don’t clash, creating confusing and unpleasant results. You’ll find plenty of examples of clashing colours after a quick research: use this information wisely.

Variety is key

If you don’t want your guests to think you bought the entire catalogue from the same place, there’s a simple trick: don’t do it. Showrooms are meant to look nice and inviting, but there’s nothing unique about them. Consider buying your furniture from different shops and also in different styles. 

Make room for new trends

Trends come and go, but the tips above remain timeless. However, if you want to stay updated with the latest trends, Forbes Home also has a few suggestions. According to the magazine, sustainable materials, retro-like flooring and furniture, and spaces for wellness, combined with smart home solutions, will become more common in 2023.

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