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Forget Major Remodelling With These Bathroom Updates

Forget Major Remodelling With These Bathroom Updates

Improve the visual appeal of your bathroom without a big upheaval or going over budget.

It’s fair to say that renovating the bathroom is often the highest priority of property owners’ things to do inside the home. However, if a significant makeover is out of your price range or you don’t have the time there are several ways you can make your bathroom feel like a different place. It’s surprisingly easy to improve your bathroom – from fresh fixtures, a new lick of paint, contemporary lighting, and much more.

Give the walls a fresh look with new paint

A simple method to breathe new life into a bathroom is to simply switch up the wall colour. Although wallpaper has been a big trend in recent years we still think that paint creates a better finish and a more welcoming atmosphere. 

Be sure to choose a shade that complements the existing elements of the room, taking into account the floor and tile colours. While it’s easy enough to suggest peach for a bright finish or light blue for a calming effect, every homeowner will want something different for their bathroom. That’s why you should check out a guide beforehand, as then you can find out which colour is best for your requirements.

Install a brand-new showerhead (you won’t regret it)

A chic, updated showerhead may improve not just the aesthetics of a bathroom, but also the functionality of the space. Additionally, you can save water with contemporary showerheads that contain great features for saving this precious resource. 

Once the right design has been selected and you’ve replaced that showerhead and hose by following instructions online, you can maintain the item by cleaning it with white vinegar to eliminate mineral build-up and bacteria.

Make the lighting a big priority

It’s true that bright lighting is important when we’re shaving, brushing teeth, or applying makeup. However, there are other times when we don’t want to see our faces so blazingly illuminated, which is why a dimmer switch is the perfect solution.

Dimmed lighting makes the bathroom far cosier, especially if you love taking a bath, as this simply turns the bathroom into a space where you don’t have to rush in and out. Scented candles and a Bluetooth speaker for your favourite tunes will help to soothe and restore your body and mind. 

Pro tip: Plug in a sensor light into the wall socket, so late-night trips to the bathroom don’t require the main light to be turned on.

Maximise your wall space

We don’t want you to ruin your freshly painted walls, but we know that storage can always be tricky in the bathroom. When you’re running out of space, it looks ugly to pile everything on the sink, countertop, or windowsill. 

It’s best to install a few hooks, bars, and shelves to ensure that towels, bathrobes, and all sorts of items are kept neat and tidy. A bathroom mirror that doubles as a cabinet is never a bad idea, as well as wicker baskets with a lid to ensure the bathroom never gets messy.

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