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Fashions Finest SS18 | Designer Showcase
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Chynna Webley, Fashion

Fashions Finest SS18 | Designer Showcase

Continuing on from our first instalment of the fantastic Fashions Finest SS18 event, Brit Style blogger Chynna Webley brings us the goss and beautiful designer collections on day two.

Fashions Finest SS18

Day two was packed with more talented designers and a lot of running around. This smart girl wore trainers for the day and didn’t suffer from crippling foot failure. I got to attend the whole day and stayed for both shows, including the ‘Let’s Talk Fashion Business’ Q&A.

We witnessed designs from Tahra Nketia, Chaela Rose, Mena Odi Collection and 13 Magpies Design Studio. Embroidered and sequinned cuts adorned the catwalk with Tahra Nketia’s collection and quirky garments with 13 Magpie Design Studios. A quick shoutout to the designer, Kerri Plumtree, who wore a t-shirt that said ‘I Don’t Need Sex. The Government F*cks Me Every Day’!

In between shows was a chance to peruse the popup space with brands such as Pharrell’s UK, Just Kim Prints and Polina Magiy Shoes, with a chance to try some of the products if they had your size. A particular favourite was these beautifully, handcrafted shoes I spotted at the front of the display.

The second show started with the collection of Helen Howe Atelier followed by Hey Shorty, Koyawo and Jadau by Kanwal Toor. A truly British feel could be found in Helen Howe Atelier’s collection; an assortment of drapery and careful detailing are brought to life in these creations. I also loved the luxury jewellery collection from Jadau by Kanwal Toor with its intricate pieces set in gold.

Closing the day was the ‘Let’s Talk Fashion Business’ discussion with a Q&A led by Shelley Pick, Zack Sartor, Bernard Connolly and Tracey Lea Sayer. An informative talk offering advice on how o grow your business. All the panelists offered really good advice including how passion is key. Let’s face it, if you don’t have passion for your brand then what’s the point?

There were an array of topics covered including how you should say yes to things that come your way. When an opportunity arises then say yes, because what’s the worst that could happen? It may go south, but that’s okay – you learn from it and you get better the next time.

Also, it’s okay to ask for help because you can’t do everything by yourself. Asking for help is not shameful! People do want to help you and support you and see you grow. It was amazing to see up and coming designer’s brands and when reading up about them, finding out where their influence stems from. It’s true what they say that your personal experience shapes who you are and what you put out in the world.

I left that day with a renewed sense of how I want to move forward in my career because there was a lot of good advice that I took away from the panel. The past two days were a blur of excitement, colour, meeting new people and an experience I will never forget.

British Style Society were honoured to partner with Fashions Finest SS18 event and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next season.