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Choosing The Right Kitchen To Last You A Lifetime

Choosing The Right Kitchen To Last You A Lifetime

The kitchen is an essential room in your house. You only have to look at the activities you do in there to see that this is the case. From eating breakfast first thing in the morning, chatting while cooking, having a drink, baking, making memories and then, of course, the place to be at parties, the kitchen is the heart of your home. You want your kitchen to be a stable place, somewhere safe and reliable, somewhere which can see you through everything when you need a cup of tea or be comforted by a nice meal.

So, you want a kitchen that will last you a lifetime and here’s how you can do that:

It’s All About The Quality

For your kitchen to truly last you a lifetime then it’s not just how it looks that’s important but the quality of the kitchen too. Cupboards that easily fall off, peeling paint and features that don’t work are no use. You need something sturdy, built to last. The best way to find out about the quality of different materials is to research thoroughly. Start with an online search to narrow it down, read peoples reviews and opinions and even horror stories of working out what materials sound good and which are definitely to be avoided. Then, go into the shop and see them for yourself. Speak to experts and then when you have a shortlist, that’s when you can begin caring about how it looks.

It’s About The Planning

Once you have an idea in mind, then you need to sit down with an expert and a kitchen designer to make a plan. This is where everything you have in your head needs to come out and get down on paper, so make the most of this opportunity and speak to someone from a new kitchen company. There is a lot to get right and a lot of detail to cover when it comes to a kitchen because it’s door handles and hinges too not just ovens and sinks. Planning correctly is essential for safety also so make sure you put aside some proper time to do this and do thorough research.

Think Ahead

If you have any long term plans for the rest of the house, then you need to think about those now and think about how transforming your kitchen could affect them. Also, don’t opt for anything “in fashion”, there could be a big trend right now which in a couple of years you could end up hating, so stick with classic styles to last a lifetime. Colours aren’t as challenging to change unless of course, it’s all tiles, but if your walls are painted, then you can freshen this up down the line or change the colour as and when you want to.

Remember It’s A Living Space

Kitchens have gone from being a small room in the house where a lady goes, shuts the door and comes out with some delicious meals for everyone. Kitchens are living spaces now, so use them as such. A breakfast bar, some comfy chairs and plenty of space make all the difference. People want to be able to socialise in your kitchen, so they need the space to do this as well as the space to cook. Islands are a great way of providing this and can make a kitchen look amazing too.

Invest In The Right Equipment

While sometimes you don’t need to spend more money to get better items, with kitchens this isn’t the case. Buying a cheap oven or fridge won’t last a lifetime, so if you’re looking for longevity, then you need quality gadgets. The same applies to the general “look” of the devices you buy, get timeless, classic pieces to last you. Invest in them, and you’ll never have to update again. An Aga, for example, is a sound investment as we know they are of quality standard, they look great and even better, they will never go out of style.

Measure Everything

An obvious one, but still, make sure you do it. If it comes to it and your kitchen looks fab, but the washing machine won’t fit in, then you’re not going to be impressed. If when one cupboard door is open, you can’t get into the microwave you’re going to find that annoying too so make sure that tape measure is at the ready and you know where and how everything will fit.


Image credit: Unsplash