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5 Festival Essentials No Man Should Be Without
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5 Festival Essentials No Man Should Be Without

The summer is well and truly upon us, meaning that festival season is already underway. Many people will be booking their long weekends, digging out their tents, and pricing up some cheap alcohol in anticipation of an exhilarating few days in the sun with their friends and their favourite bands.

But festivals aren’t the anything goes fashion free-for-all they used to be, and many brands are now bringing out Glasto-ready gear, leaving you no excuse to not looking your best. Whether you are mixing with the rich and the famous in a field or basking in the warmth of a European capital’s sunset, these five recommendations will keep you ahead of the style curve this summer.

Some shelter from the showers

Showers during the summer months are as unpredictable as Axl Rose’s timekeeping, so it is important that you have a lightweight jacket that you can slip on when the heavens open. This Pretty Green Radway jacket from Kings & Dukes is hooded, zipped, and carries enough style to see you through the rainy periods. It’s even lined with high-performance mesh fabric, so you won’t feel the heat when wearing it in the sun.

festival essentials

Somewhere to rest your weary bones (and your pint)

Craning your neck to see beyond the man in the silly wig and the crazy person waving their giant flag can take its toll on your poor neck muscles. Why not bring along a sneaky seat that you can set-up and relax in when it all gets too much, or your favourite band play one of their ‘new songs’. This folding festival chair from Filthy Fox has a snazzy pattern and somewhere to deposit your warm can of beer — bliss.

festival essentials

Shade your tired eyes

Let’s face it — festivals can be a tiring experience for your poor eyes. With everything going on, there isn’t much time for shut-eye, and there’s a good chance you will be squinting into the sun for large portions of the day.

Give your eyes some respite with some affordable sunglasses, like these Jeepers Peepers Dukes. They can give you that classic Clubmaster-style without risking the loss of an expensive designer pair among the mud and crowds.

festival essentials

Wellies for the win

Your wellies will be the only thing keeping your feet from the sinking feeling of standing in a festival field, so trust us when we say they will be your best friends for the weekend. That being said, your loyal wellingtons will take a good bashing during your stay, so there isn’t any reason you should invest in an expensive pair. If you plan on getting right in the thick of the action, these Asda George boots are inexpensive but sturdy enough to get you through the worst of it.

festival essentials

A robust wristwatch to keep an eye on stage times

The best festivals are chock-full of surprise sets from some of the best artists around, and the last thing you want to be doing is queueing for the toilet when Radiohead are duetting with Sir Elton John on the other side of the field. With a watch like this Momentum Cobalt Rubber, you will have no issues with your timekeeping. Its big numbers are impossible to misread no matter what your state of mind, and its rubberised body is tough enough to withstand being trodden on by a whole stampede of Taylor Swift fans. You won’t miss a beat.
festival essentials

Treat yourself to some of the essentials in this round-up and you will be best placed to have a blast come festival-time. Just don’t forget to budget for the beer.