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3 Retro Interior Styles That Are Making a Comeback in 2023

3 Retro Interior Styles That Are Making a Comeback in 2023

Decorating your home is not dissimilar to curating your wardrobe. As with how we dress, our homes are often seen as a representation of ourselves, so it’s only natural to want yours to be perfect. A good base starts with timeless pieces, but to add some character, many people opt to include a handful of on-trend features into the mix.

Previously these statement home decor pieces have generally been on the modern side, including styles such as brutalism and surrealism, but now the vintage aesthetic is becoming highly sought after. However, with interior design trends coming and going like the seasons, it can be hard to keep on top of what’s in demand. To save you time, we’ve picked our top three retro styles that are making a comeback in 2023.


Cottagecore is a relatively new term used to describe the aesthetic of living a rural, country life. The term was first coined in the 2010s and has grown hugely in popularity since, covering everything from fashion to interior design.

A true cottagecore home focuses on vintage pieces and natural elements, such as open fires and an abundance of greenery. Amongst the plants, you’ll often find decorative patterns, handmade accessories and a variety of quirky trinkets.

Bold colours

The bright and bold colours that were once thriving in the 60s and 70s had all but disappeared from the interior design scene – until recently. Modern homes have become plastered with neutral colours, likely following the minimalism trend. The abundance of greys has even led to a new term for those that popularised it – “millennial grey”.

While neutral palettes are prominent among millennials, younger generations are breaking the mould. Leading away from all things plain, they instead prefer bold pigments to adorn their homes. As a result, the popularity of brightly coloured furniture has skyrocketed, particularly where statement sofas are concerned. In fact, a velvet, mustard yellow sofa is now a staple piece for bold households.

Wall panelling

Adding some panelling to walls can certainly make a big impact on the room, but it’s typically been viewed as outdated until recently. Now, social media is littered with DIYers attaching pieces of wood to their walls to create these classical rectangular shapes, hoping to add some dimension to the space.

This trend is particularly prevalent among first-time homeowners and even more so among those who opted for a newly built home. These properties are typically just the bare bones of a home, and adding some basic panelling is a simple way to add character.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to spruce up your home, look no further. These three trends may not all be suited to your preferences, but interior design isn’t about fitting into just one box. To make a house feel like a home, it’s important to curate your own style, picking and choosing elements as you please. If you’re hoping to stay on-trend, consider starting small and adding a couple of decorative pieces first, that way, you’ll know what’s right for you before you empty your bank account.

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