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Worth the Wait: The UK’s Most-Queued-For Products

Worth the Wait: The UK’s Most-Queued-For Products

Over the last twelve months, queuing for basics has become as much a part of our routine as face masks and hand sanitiser. At the height of lockdown, it was common to see long queues winding around a supermarket car park, and where our pre-pandemic selves would have run away to another shop at the sight of such a queue, nowadays, we wait patiently in line. 

Speaking of queues, we’ve certainly had some queue-worthy products released in the last year. It used to be that queueing for a new pair of celebrity designer trainers or a video game release was considered strange. Now, it’s an event that many want to be a part of as we all seek out those in-demand goodies. With retail returning, we’re all itching to be a part of that excitement once more! 

In this article, we’re highlighting the most high-quality products and services that saw queues of customers waiting eagerly for more stock. Which items are you most excited to get your hands on?

Advanced Retinol from Boots No.7’s

During lockdown, we all took a moment to ease up on our makeup obsession to give our skin a little TLC. Skincare certainly gained a lot of traction, with many of us turning to TikTok for short and informative tutorials on what we should be doing to get our skin healthy while we don’t have any need to wear makeup. 

One particular ingredient that has surged in popularity is retinol. When Boots No.7 range launched their own product last May, 100,000 people joined a waiting list for the serum. The product helps skin cell turnover, keeping our skin youthful and glowing – a must after a year of ‘maskne’ for some of us.

Allotments at Bushy Park

We’re not just waiting in line for products either, with certain services facing increased demands over the last twelve months as we looked to fill the hours. According to a survey, 93 per cent of respondents answered that gardening was a lifesaver in lockdown.

Allotments have become very sought-after over lockdown, thanks to the mental and physical benefits of growing your own vegetables. Bushy Park in Richmond-upon-Thames, southwest London, has 637 budding gardeners waiting to secure a plot. Many homeowners in the capital have small gardens or no space at all. Nine of the top 10 locations with the longest allotment waiting lists are in London, apart from one in Cumbria.

The LONGISLAND chunky sandal from Dune 

Before the pandemic, queues for shoes were usually reserved for the latest Yeezys. Today, Dune’s LONGISLAND chunky sandal had a 430-person waiting list in just one week. The 90s inspired flatform shoe sold out when it launched in early March after influencers Rita Margari and Shelley Mokoena were spotted wearing them. This footwear is the ideal chic aesthetic for summer. They’re available in both ecru or black sandals.

Nostalgic fashion has soared through the pandemic, bringing comforting memories during a difficult lockdown. Nostalgia is certainly a fashion trend we’re expecting to see continue well into 2021. 

PlayStation 5 from Sony

Waiting lists for consoles are nothing new, but the latest device from Sony certainly took the biscuit! Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been sold out since launch day in November, with a considerable number of gamers still waiting to get their hands on this generation’s most anticipated console. Since launch, the PS5 has been out of stock at all major retailers with no way to land a spot on a waiting list. The only places consistently offering the console are auction sites like eBay, albeit for significantly higher prices. On the 29th April, over five months after the PS5’s launch, Smyths announced that they had PS5s in stock – and sold out in under an hour.

Some things are worth waiting for, so if you’re in the queue for any of these products, look forward to the moment they arrive on your doorstep! 




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