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This Year’s Hottest Wellness Trends So Far

This Year’s Hottest Wellness Trends So Far

Now a huge global industry, nothing stays the same for long when it comes to wellness trends. Blanketing a wide range from self-care and exercise to tourism, many of us are beginning to incorporate wellness into our everyday lives. While some trends tend to come and go, some rise up to become a firm staple within the industry, these trends are the ones we’re keeping an eye on this year.

Prescribing nature

We’ve all heard of, and probably felt for ourselves, the benefits of spending time in nature. Wellness quite often cites the positive effects of being present and connecting with the world around us and now has some serious science to back this up. Multiple studies have shown that exposure to nature can have a significant positive impact on both physical and mental health.

Get outside

Get up to date with those in the know and allow time in your schedule for yourself and your family to wrap up and enjoy some fresh air. Utilise the gorgeous national parks that the UK has to offer or take part in an activity hosted by the National Trust and other nature-focused charities.

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Workplace wellbeing

Companies are beginning to take a much bigger interest in the wellbeing of their employees in a more conscious effort to reduce sick days and improve productivity. Forward-thinking companies such as Google already offer workplace wellbeing initiatives such as free yoga and personal days. It is expected that more companies will be offering better wellbeing for their staff as the industry continues to reign supreme.

Wellness travel

No longer content with a simple holiday on the beach, wellness travellers are looking for something more when it comes to the getaways. Wellness travel is all about discovering new experiences and connecting with nature while being more mindful of their broader environmental impact. Activity retreats, eco-holidays and meditation focused breaks are becoming more and more popular, with many catering to individuals, couples and families.

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This year, it is likely that you have seen CBD or hemp products on the shelves in everything from shampoo to sweets. CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient found in the hemp plant, something that has become more actively available after the US government passed a bill allowing for its industrial cultivation.

Early scientific studies backed by a plethora of testimonials suggest that CBD oil can help with a huge variety of common problems including stress, trouble sleeping and joint pain. Thinking of trying CBD? The best advice is to research the company thoroughly, check out their customer reviews and check to see if they get their products independently tested.

Conscious movement

Until recently, conscious movement in exercise was generally limited to yoga or Pilates; however, sportspeople in a variety of fields realise the benefits of heightened body awareness. The idea is that you can improve the effectiveness of high-intensity workouts, as well as reduce the risk of injury, by being more aware of the movements your body makes.

Mindful running

Similarly, mindful running techniques are being employed by athletes who wish to improve further their ability to improve their performance through a better connection with their bodies.

Plant-based nutrition

It’s no secret that the vegan movement has seen a considerable surge in members during recent months. While some people have entirely embraced the animal produce-free lifestyle, many like to incorporate some aspects of the diet for health reasons, which includes adding more plant-based nutrition.

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Digital detoxing

Previous years have been all about detoxing the body with a variety of diet techniques; this year, it’s all about the mental detox. There are plenty of studies that show us that it’s detrimental to our mental health to be continuously connected. A digital detox encourages people who struggle to switch off to ditch the devices and focus on spending time away from the screen.

Keeping an eye on the latest wellness trends can help to stay on top but don’t forget that the true meaning of wellness is to look after yourself.


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