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Stylish Hangouts for Fashion Bloggers | Hackney Coffee Co
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Stylish Hangouts for Fashion Bloggers | Hackney Coffee Co

As part of our ongoing quest to bring you the latest news, gossip, reviews and all round fashion goodness, we’re embarking on a new adventure to hunt out the best places to get your creative juices flowing.  This new little series will be aptly named stylish hangouts for fashion bloggers yet this can be for anyone that loves super cute locations that inspire them to write great style content.

We love finding great places that have that something extra, whether it be a quiet spot to read a good book, funky interior to admire or incredible fuel stops to feed your brain.  Our first instalment of stylish hangouts for fashion bloggers takes us to London.

So on my recent weekend visit to the capital, after wandering past cool railway arches with garages pimping out swanky cars and a place that not only served lunch but you could get a haircut (only in London!), I found myself outside a fabulous coffee shop called Hackney Coffee Co.

This coffee stop is a small hangout and as with many you can choose to drink in or takeaway.  Its cosy atmosphere gives it a funky vibe and upon ordering our drinks, myself and a friend went up the narrow staircase to chill in one of the two rooms upstairs. The first area you enter has a cool library feel with comfy Chesterfields so you can delve into a good book. Beyond this, a further room embraces a edgier atmosphere with Chesterfield armchairs and spotlighting for a kookier setting.  This is where we sat and enjoyed a fantastic latte and flat white accompanied by delicious cakes.

fashion bloggers

fashion bloggers

fashion bloggers

fashion bloggers

So why is this place a great area to get inspired?  If you’ve explored the surrounding locations, you’ll see there’s a few great places to take outfit pictures including a short walk to the fashion spots of Shoreditch.  This coffee shop also gives the ideal opportunity to chill with friends or just enjoy your own company and plan those all important blog posts.  It’s also great to get some of those really cool instagram shots, that everyone will just love!

Most importantly though, was the coffee good?  We give it a huge thumbs up and it is a must visit if you’re around the Hackney area, they don’t use bulk beans like our main chain friends but choose speciality flavours to give you a unique and authentic taste.  I’m a big lover of coffee and not only was it lovely, the service was brilliant too.

Go check them out in Hackney and take a look at their social too – Twitter & Facebook

Words by: Natasha Henson

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