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Spotlight on Sustainable Activewear For An Eco-Conscious Workout
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Spotlight on Sustainable Activewear For An Eco-Conscious Workout

Activewear fabric has historically been a subset of the sportswear industry that has been notoriously challenging to recycle due to its composition. The intelligent materials used to create fitness clothing often sees plastics and manmade fabrics manufactured to give unique features such as sweat resistance, waterproofing and flexibility.

These attributes create brilliant activewear collections. However, they also have a negative impact on the planet.

In recent years, the emphasis on living a sustainable lifestyle has been prevalent in every aspect of daily routines. From what we eat to the clothes we wear and the cars we drive, there are some significant changes to be made all round. It can be difficult to know where to start, especially if your lifestyle includes lots of fitness and healthy living.

To perform well, sports and fitness clothing needs to withstand the pressures of an active lifestyle, and until recently, there were very few sustainable brands that offered an alternative solution.

However, for many consumers, it’s not just about buying sustainable products either. It’s about what brands represent in the broader picture.

One activewear brand making waves in the fitness sector is Sundried.

The Sundried concept

Sundried activewear features the most advanced technology on the planet, including anti-odour, UV protection, and temperature control, all created ethically and sustainably.

The Sundried collections are made from recycled plastic bottles, re-used coffee waste and biodegradable fabrics, and each piece support performance and comfort while you workout.

Style is also another essential aspect for both professional athletes and fitness hobbyists, and the Sundried collection caters to your tastes with simple yet stylish design. It’s also not just about gym clothing either. If you’re a keen outdoors fitness fan, you’ll also find sustainable jackets, coats and long-sleeved tops to keep you fresh and comfortable during outdoor activities.

Promoting ethical practices

Sundried isn’t just a sustainable activewear brand; they actively encourage ethical practices throughout their company and supply chain too. They also have a unique employee wellbeing initiative which promotes being more active during the day. Every Hour On The Hour (EHOH) is a practice that encourages everyone to take a step away from their desk or tasks for ten minutes to do light exercise rather than remaining sedentary throughout the day.

According to research,

more people are taking sustainability into account when shopping for everyday products.

With this in mind, it’s not enough for brands to just do the bare minimum when it comes to offering sustainable products. Customers want change and look to brands to help them make the relevant modifications to their lifestyle. Sundried is at the forefront of the sustainable activewear sector with innovative manufacturing and production methods. Its eco-conscious practices are also paving the way for a new era of sustainable activewear brands.

There’s still a long way to go in the grand scheme of things across the globe. But Sundried believes that although it might not feel like one person can make a difference to the bigger picture – in fact, this is the best starting point!


Image credits: Sundried