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Never Fear: 3 Simple Ways To Overcome A Phobia
overcoming phobias

Never Fear: 3 Simple Ways To Overcome A Phobia

Have you ever been so overcome by fear that you can’t move, your legs feel like lead, beads of sweat form on your brow and your heart feels like it’s beating a thousand times a minute? If you have, you understand just how debilitating a phobia can be. We are not talking a dislike of vegetables or a mild aversion to creepy crawlies. We are talking full blown panic attack phobia. Many phobias are pretty well known such as spiders, clowns and heights. Others are a tad kookier. Ever heard of the cotton wool, antique furniture and pigeon phobias? They exist. Take a look at these more common fears and find out simple ways in which you can overcome them.

Phobia Of The Dentist

Many fears of health professionals begin in early childhood. The chances are that there was some sort of event that traumatised you when you were younger. This could have been something as simple as having an unpleasant individual asking to look at your teeth or a procedure that needed to be carried out. Don’t worry. Visiting the dentist in the twenty-first century is a much more pleasant experience. The dentistry profession is now all too aware of the bad reputation it has with drills, injections and extractions. You can now seek out a professional who specialises in treating patients with a phobia. These individuals are patient, will talk you through every step of the examination and will never make you do anything you don’t want to. It’s not unheard of for some patients to attend three or four appointments before they have enough confidence in their dentist to they sit in the chair let alone open their mouths.

Phobia Of Spiders

Many people hate arachnids. It might be the way they scurry quickly, their bony exoskeleton or their eyes that send shivers down your spine. Whatever it is that gets you hyperventilating, it’s vital that you try and overcome the fear. Spiders are abundant within the UK, and it’s a good idea to manage your panic. By taking part in a specific fear clinic to address your worries, you could find yourself holding a tarantula in your palm quite happily by the end of a session. Professionals will attempt to rationalise your phobia and view spiders in a more positive light.

Phobia Of Clowns

The clown phobia is maybe a more modern phenomenon than the previous two fears that have been explored. With the Stephen King novel ‘It’ and Pennywise wreaking havoc and killing children in a fictional American town, clowns became a phobia for many children born in the 1980s. There is something strange about a clown and the mask they choose to wear which can appear sinister to many. While a clown won’t accost you every day of the week, you could still choose to attend a hypnotherapy session to help you address the cause of your fear. Were you wary of a clown at the circus when you were younger or do their antics make you feel uneasy? Whatever it is that you dislike about clowns, a hypnotherapist can help you overcome these issues by talking and reprogramming your feelings towards them.

Phobias can be crippling. Overcome yours, and you could find yourself with a whole new lease of life.