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London in The Summer Time: A Frugal Staycation
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London in The Summer Time: A Frugal Staycation

There are many good reasons for staying at home this holiday. First of all, England is beautiful in the summer, and it’s almost silly to travel and see the world when there’s so much to discover at home. Choosing a staycation over a vacation has a lot of benefits as well; you get to save money, stay in the comfort of your own country, and there is no need to worry about anything that might happen when you’re overseas.

Here are a few of the best tips and tricks for a fun and frugal staycation in London.

At home: Kick back and relax

The one thing we miss the most when we’re overseas is what you should take full advantage of this year; relax and unwind at home. It’s strange how we want to leave the country and explore new territory as soon as we have a bit of off-time – at the end of the day, you’re going to return home and wish you had another weekend to yourself.

Your body and mind crave relaxation and tranquillity so give it what it deserves this summer; a patch of green grass under your bare feet, a good book, and inexpensive fruit smoothies you can whip up at home. Finish the chapter, lean back, scroll through your friends’ Instagram-feed, and laugh in joy as they publish series of exhausting mountain-climbing and sky-diving pictures.

Culture: Museums and Movies

When you need a bit of change and have sat your garden patch flat, it’s time to get up and explore your beloved city. There are many ways to do this and it’s up to you whether this means visiting the Museum of London for free, general sightseeing fanny-pack style, or just paying a visit to the most famous pubs in London.

When you really need a break from your own home – or if you live in England and simply want to travel to London for a weekend, look at a few short term let apartments here. They’re reasonable and located in the heart of London, making it easier than ever to be a true tourist in the city you know better than any.

Look forward to a movie-night at one point as well. Sure, you can rent one from Netflix and invite a few of your friends – the few that are also enjoying a well-deserved staycation, or you can go to an outside cinema for some extra summer vibes.

Socialise: BBQ

Whenever I leave the city, I miss my friends at home and wish we could all spend a bit more time together. It is, after all, when you’re off from studies and work that you have more time on your hands, so why should you even leave the city at all? Clean your grill, oil it properly, heat it up and treat it to a few pieces of steaks and vegetables.

Doing this at a vacation would cost you a lot, so take advantage of the situation and make a decent feast out of it. Here is an excellent BBQ menu for inspiration if you need it, and remember that everything is delicious when it’s grilled – especially pineapple.

Think about your country the same way tourists do and use their excitement to see it from its best possible side – it shouldn’t be hard to do in the bright summer sun, after all.