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It’s Time To Stop Sabotaging Your Skin
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It’s Time To Stop Sabotaging Your Skin

If you’re forever boosting your beauty regime with expensive lotions and potions that promise to keep your skin looking soft, supple and most importantly of all, young, only to find that nothing works and your skin is nowhere near as radiant as it could be, chances are you are doing something to sabotage your skin without even knowing it!

Check out these common skin saboteurs to see if you’re doing any of them, and if you are, STOP!


We all know that smoking is bad for the body in many ways, causing various cancers and being responsible for too many deaths, but did you know it can cause the skin to prematurely age too? So, if you’ve noticed that your skin is more damaged than it should, be head over to this website and swap your cigarettes for an e-cig. If you can give up completely, then even better!

Leaving Your Makeup On

If you often forget to remove your makeup before heading to bed, or you’re simply too lazy to do so, especially after a few drinks, you could be really hurting your skin. How? By allowing oil and dirt to build up and clog your pores. When that happens, you’re more likely to suffer breakouts and get blackheads, which is never a good look.

Sleeping Too Little

If you do not sleep for at least 7 hours each night, then you won’t be getting your full quota of beauty sleep, and this could cause all manner of skin problems from dark circles to a duller complexion. So, try to get to bed at a reasonable hour!

Drinking too Little Water

Water is great for the skin, it keeps it hydrated, which gives it a plump, radiant, wrinkle-free appearance that you simply cannot fake…well not without access to a really great makeup artist anyway. So, drink up and make it water – coffee, for example, can dehydrate the skin making it appear older.

You’re a Stress-Head

It’s not always easy to keep stress out of your life, but if you can, it is well worth doing so because stress can cause a whole lot of trouble for your skin. How? It releases hormones like cortisol in greater numbers, and they can cause breakouts, rashes and other undesirable manifestations to form. Not only that but when you’re stressed, you tend to frown more, and that leads to wrinkles. So, check out this meditation app and start meditating. Too boring? Book a spa treatment and relax!

Staying Inactive

If you want your skin to be youthful and clear, you need to move around more. If you stay in good shape, then your skin will not be put under the pressure of gaining weight, stretching and contracting all the time which means it will look better for longer.

Touching Your Skin Too Often

If you’re forever touching your face, picking at it or popping zits, you will be introducing more bacteria to your face needlessly, which could cause even more breakouts, infections and even scarring. Keep your hands away!

Wave goodbye to these skin saboteurs and you’ll soon be saying hello to the best skin of your life.