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How to Manifest Your Dream Life During October’s Full Moon in Aries

How to Manifest Your Dream Life During October’s Full Moon in Aries

Harness your manifestation powers because this month’s full moon in Aries presents you with a blank canvas to paint your dream reality!

Aries is the archetypal sign of the warriors, and it’s imbued with self-assertion, courage, and personal power. In opposition with the sun in Libra and bolstered by the array of action-oriented planets in Libra, you will claim your sovereignty and create your personal heaven on Earth.

The focus is on manifesting your dream reality, finding the balance in your relationships, and letting go of what no longer serves you. These practical tips compiled by the gemstone jeweller Angelic Diamonds will help you make the most out of the full moon on 20th October 2021.

Create your full moon mantra

Assert your intention to reclaim your personal power to the universe by creating your own mantra. A mantra is a sacred word or phrase that is composed of high-vibrational sounds that resonate with the universal energetic field. In translation from Sanskrit, it means “tool of thought” and is recited or chanted with melody to manifest positive affirmations and reach higher states of consciousness.

To create your full moon mantra, think about what your intention is. Perhaps you want to let go of a negative behaviour, be more independent in your relationships, or land your dream job. Whatever your intention is, weave it into one of the following sentences: “I am…”, or “I act…”.

“I am aware of my personal sovereignty”, “I am courageous”, “I act from a place of love for myself”, are just some examples of what your full moon mantra could be.

Once you’re happy with it, write it down on a piece of paper and place it somewhere around your house or workplace where you can see it several times a day. Your bathroom mirror or your office desk are great options.

Alongside reading it out aloud when you see it, make an effort to repeat it in your mind as many times as possible on the 20th of October and afterwards. During meditation, your mantra will help you stay focused on your intention. If you want to make things more fun, create a little melody for your mantra and chant it.

Journal to release negative energy

Full moons are all about letting go of that which no longer serves you. Unhealthy beliefs, stagnated energies, and grudges can all be thrown out of the window.

The best way to release them is through journaling. Your journal is the keeper of your emotional world, and it’s a safe space to share your thoughts and feelings. Research shows that journaling has a number of benefits on your mental health, including reduced stress, clarity of mind, and better understanding of yourself.

When you’re journaling to release negative beliefs and emotions, write down what is it that no longer serves you and why you want to let it go. Next to it, you can also write a positive belief or emotion you wish to replace it with.

You can even turn your journaling release practice into a little ritual by writing what you’re releasing on a piece of paper and then burning it. This magnifies the process.

Envision your dream life

Now that you’ve let go of your unnecessary baggage, it’s time to envision your dream reality.

The magical power of writing comes into play once again in a manifestation technique called scripting. Scripting is a written form of visualisation and part of the Law of Attraction. It emerged in the 1970s from the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) approach which prompted participants to visualise their future through all their five senses.

All you have to do is simply write down the unfolding of your dream future in the present sense and truly believe your story. Essentially, you’re writing the script of your reality.

Manifest with gemstones

Gemstones are a great tool to aid you in the manifestation process. You can meditate with them, wear them as jewellery, or place them next to your bedside. For the full moon in Aries, these are the most powerful gemstones to implement into your practice:


Surrounded by its blood-orange fiery aura, carnelian corresponds with the fire element in Aries. It will give you the courage to go after your dream and will also protect you in your quest for your life’s purpose.


Malachite is the ultimate manifestation crystal because it will support any desire you have, whether it’s attracting love, money, or adventure. A powerful energy amplifier, it will destroy any mental barriers you might have to make way for the new beginnings to enter your life.


A true healer, bloodstone will mend your emotional wounds while equipping you with the energy to follow your purpose. Even when you’ve lost hope and feel defeated, it will rejuvenate your spirit so that you can fulfil your mission.


Known as the “success stone”, or the “merchant stone”, citrine is a must-have when it comes to attracting abundance in all areas of your life but primarily in the financial realms. It will bring you unimagined wealth and prosperity matched with great confidence. Citrine corresponds with your solar plexus chakra, which is the centre of empowerment and self-esteem.

Rose quartz

October’s full moon puts an emphasis on relationships and opens up a portal for attracting love. The best gemstone to aid you in your love-seeking adventure is rose quartz. It will help you manifest a healthy, harmonious relationship with someone else or yourself and open up your heart chakra.

This month’s full moon in Aries is a gateway to your dream life, so let yourself imagine what your bright future holds and manifest it with the tools in this guide.


Images: Unsplash