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Fashion Tech: Building a Bridge between Designers and Resources

fashion tech
Fashion Tech

Fashion Tech: Building a Bridge between Designers and Resources

As with pretty much every other industry on earth, the fashion industry is being faced with new scrutiny about the ways in which business is conducted. The inefficiencies in how connections are made and in how a final product comes to be are increasingly being noticed by those interested in how a globalized world must behave.

The traditional modes of doing business in the fashion industry are anything but efficient, and it seems that for anyone to survive in the industry an entire network of connections must be attained and then nurtured. Unfortunately for anyone hoping to get into the business, the process of building such a network takes years of groundwork which uses way too much of the Earth’s valuable resources. To be globally and environmentally responsible, therefore, a new approach to the ways business in the fashion industry is conducted is sorely needed.

The solution to the issue of a disconnected and inefficient industry is a fashion tech platform that brings everything under one roof. A platform that allows everyone in the industry to see one another and compete with each other in a fair and transparent way. This platform would make resource acquisition more affordable, talent searches more plentiful, and it would make it easy to cut out the companies seeking only to take advantage of smaller fashion companies. Using such a system, new designers and brands would be able to bring a much-needed breath of fresh air into the industry because the system would help them get past all the hurdles that stop current new designers in their tracks these days.

Improving How Designers Do Business

Technology is a huge part of the fashion industry on every level. From the initial designs to the supply chain to the manufacture processes and everything in between, fashion industry professionals are using more tech today than they ever have before. One very important piece of the puzzle is missing, however; there are no comprehensive technology platforms to bring all these different systems together.

The amount of time, energy and resources that are devoted to bridging gaps between all the various parts of the industry is incredible to say the least. It is expensive and time-consuming, and so much so that many young, up-and-coming designers can never get their footing in the industry. With a system that connects every aspect of the industry together, the number of resources available to designers would be unparalleled. New designers and market leaders alike would have an equal opportunity to get a hold of all the latest and greatest materials and production methods available.

Making Resources Available to All

The answer is Sewport. This ground-breaking new fashion platform brings designers and suppliers in the industry together in ways that have never been attempted before. Traditionally, only the biggest brands have had access to the top manufacturers and suppliers in the fashion industry. The greats of the fashion industry have long established their own supply and demand to the point that one could say that they are able to control huge amounts of global commerce. With so much control comes exclusivity, and with exclusivity comes impossibility for many to break into the industry. With the new Sewport platform, every designer on the planet will have access to some of the best suppliers on Earth. That means for the first time, designers of every size and experience level can find themselves in direct competition for the first time ever. Not only will Sewport help industry leaders by creating a competitive environment for their suppliers, but it will encourage much more new talent to enter the industry as well.

Join Sewport and Thrive

If you are just starting out in the fashion industry, there is no better time than now to join where you can bring your ideas to life. Unlock the potential of your fashion brand by connecting your great, innovative ideas with market leaders in every aspect of the fashion industry: be it supply, manufacture, design talent, or anything in between. Whether your plans are big or small, you will find a perfect match for your fashion business at Sewport.

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