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Fashion Feature: Sustainable Fashion Label War & Drobe
War & Drobe

Fashion Feature: Sustainable Fashion Label War & Drobe

We’re so excited to be supporting the fabulous Fashions Finest off-schedule shows during London Fashion Week. Next up in our coverage of one of the most coveted event in the fashion calendar, Editor Natasha had the pleasure of chatting to Nina Kovacevic, designer and founder of sustainable fashion label War & Drobe.

Nina Kovacevic fled the war from former Yoguslavia as a child. It was during this time that her mother taught her about the power of fashion. Nina studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. She went on to develop her skills training under a tailor, couturier and working in a lingerie studio. She collates her past experiences, technical knowledge and creative background to bring to life collections with a purpose. War & Drobe celebrates and preserves traditional artisanal sewing techniques. All fabrics used are from British suppliers.

As a sustainable fashion label War & Drobe takes pride in detailed features such as authentic vintage buttons and immaculately finished lining. Nina continuesly explores new ways to create sustainable garments that are timeless in style and quality. War & Drobe is also part of the Prince’s Trust Fashion Collective hosted by Fashions Finest SS18 during London Fashion Week.

Nina, please give us an insight into your creative background.

I’ve always been a very nostalgic person with a love and appreciation for past times. Being creative has been a big part of my life because creativity is very much valued in my family; as is having a sense of humour which luckily has been passed down to me. I believe these attributes have found their way into my work as a designer in one way or another.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I always find inspiration in strong women that have been and gone and who have left a positive impact. Lee Miller for example who was a fashion model turned war correspondent during the Second World War. I try to incorporate this juxtaposition of femininity and strength in my designs.

Describe how the fashion industry is evolving?

The demand for fast, throw away fashion has left the fashion industry branded as the 2nd most polluting industry. However sustainable fashion has been turning things around so the outlook doesn’t have to be so bleak. It’s brought with it exciting opportunities and a long term resolution for a better alternative.

What are the biggest challenges in your career?

Coming from a Fine Art background and moving into a career in Fashion has brought with it many challenges. However it’s also given me the opportunity to approach designing in a different way.

What can we expect from you and War & Drobe throughout the rest of 2017?

For the SS18 collection I collaborated with London based jeweller Charlotte Yeo from Chalk Design who cast and crafted buttons I designed. I find working with other artisans who have refined skills in a different area to mine really enriching. I look forward to collaborating with more independent designers in 2018 in particular ones in print.


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