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Fashion Expert Shares Genius Tips For Storing Your Tall Boots At Home

Fashion Expert Shares Genius Tips For Storing Your Tall Boots At Home

Tall boots have become a fashion staple for many wardrobes this year. Versatile and statement making they provide the perfect way to complete your look. By design over the knee or knee-high boots can be more difficult to store securely, which becomes all the more important if you have purchased premium boots and want to maintain the quality.

To help you keep your tall boots in optimum condition, fashion expert and Assistant Press Manager from Fairfax & Favor, Charlie Cooke, shares her hacks for storing tall boots to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Use rolled up magazines or paper

Tall boots will naturally fold, which could lead to fabric creasing and creating lines over time, as well as sagging at the ankle. You want to ensure the boot shape is maintained when your boots are being stored. If you don’t have access to proper boot trees which maintain boot shaping, use rolled up newspaper or magazines to insert into your boots when storing upright to maintain their shape and stop the upper section folding. Only ever use acid free paper to avoid any colour transferring.

Get a shoe rack with prongs to maintain shape

You can buy specialist shoe stands suited for tall boots, this may be worth investing in if you own several pairs of boots. This will stop slouching and prevent creasing your boots. These will properly store your boots at home. You can find pronged shoe racks in different sizes to fit your closet.

Hang on a circular boot rack for space saving storage

Circular boot racks can be amazing space saves, perfect for storing shoes in hallways. You can even opt for tiered circular racks to maximise space saving and store more pairs in one. This rack style makes it super easy to move your stand if needed for easy storage.

Get adjustable shelves

By design, most standard shelves are too short for knee high or over the knee boots. If you already store your shoes on shelves, having the option to adjust this means you can maximise space and store footwear according to boot height. Having your taller shelves at the bottom and store boots together to maintain consistent organisation. 

Lie them flat in the box

If you are short on shelving options, you can store your tall boots in their original box. You should make use of any dust bags your boots arrive in, these are perfectly made to protect your items from dust and marks, whilst the box itself offers protection against damage from outside objects.

Store away from sunlight

Sunlight can cause excessive damage over time, so you must ensure to keep your boots away from outside light. Whether using the rack method, or storing your boots in boxes or on shelves, make sure this is away from any direct sunlight. Additionally do not store your boots near radiators, especially for leather and suede items, as the heat can crack the natural materials.

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