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Can Jewellery Play A Part In A Spring Outfit?

Can Jewellery Play A Part In A Spring Outfit?

It’s the season of new blood and new life. The grass all across the landscape has got its mojo back and lays lushly green. The birds are out too, chirping and singing for as the day is long. The flowers and their filament stems are making heaps of pollen. The sky is open with clouds just barely making their way in and blue engulfs is all. The sun is reclaiming everything the eye can see and it’s about this time that we come out to relax and takes things slow. What else can we do, when the days are slow our mood is calm so, in turn, we move slower.

We take our time and we like to fill our days with activity and being with our friends. It makes sense to then wear clothes and outfits that are going to allow a free flow of air. The items we choose will, therefore, be lighter, more colourful and happy. So as spring is bringing about new change, shouldn’t we change the way we dress? Or perhaps we’re going about in circles and always changing our outfits rather than adding something we’ve never worn before. Jewellery has a part to play during this time of year, if only you’re willing to be a little adventurous.

Mythical pixies

Remember those children’s books you used to read about fairies and pixies? Some of them had twinkles in their hair. This is the first time we get introduced to jewellery for the hair as normally we think it’s for the body. Hair jewellery chains look incredibly exotic but they’re much closer to home than you might think. Women of European royalty namely Nordic and Western European kingdoms frequently wore elaborate hair chains as a symbol of mythical acknowledgement. There are all kinds of designs but they can be split into two vague groups. The chains that are for the top and front of the hair and the others that are specifically for the back of the hair. Laying over the top of your hair can be anything from silver, gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and clear crystal charms and trinkets as well as stones. For everyday casual hair wear, you may only want to get bare chains rather than with decorations so as to allow you to rest your head; such as for laying in fields enjoying the sun.    

Short cut tops

Many women will now want to throw away their heavy jumpers and jackets to wear airy cardigans and shortcut tops. A solid O-neck tank top that is loose around the midriff is something you should consider. A halter exposing the midriff is another great clothing item for springtime as this type of fashion piece is inherently lightweight. Of course, these kinds of clothes are for someone who is comfortable with the urban look of exposing the midsection of your body. In this kind of chic style, you’ll often see belly bars as another jewellery accessory option. Gold and silver goes well with spring but the design is totally up to you, there’s no rulebook to incorporating it into your style.

Jewellery can play a part in your spring outfit it’s just knowing what kinds go well with different clothes. A hair chain is something you don’t see often but that’s because curls are back in fashion when the sun comes out. Clothes that are naturally cut short go great for body jewellery lovers too.