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5 WordPress Plugins To Help You Add Custom Fonts To Your Website
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5 WordPress Plugins To Help You Add Custom Fonts To Your Website

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Your typical WordPress site has many different options available to it to make sure that people can get the most from using the platform. One of the primary advantages of a WordPress site is that there are plugins. These plugins can be used to add new experiences and options to what’s available in order to give you the best possible set of choices to work with.

But which plugins are the best ones? Let’s take a look here.


The Fontsy WordPress plugin is definitely one of the more popular out there. It’s user-friendly, free to use, and has a lot of different fonts built-in.

What makes Fontsy such a popular WordPress font plugin is that it can allocate fonts to specific parts of your website. So your homepage can have one font, and your list of services can have another. This flexible plugin is definitely worth looking into.

WP Google Fonts

If you are a fan of some of the fonts that are commonly associated with Google, this is definitely the option for you. What we’ve got here is a classic example of being able to implement some of the different fonts that are available for Google.

A key feature of this particular site is that you can only use six fonts, which works well because any more than that, and your website will look like it was designed by an amateur.

Use Any Font

Use Any Font pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin. You can use whatever font you like to get the job done, which is a welcome addition.

What you have to consider is that there is a wealth of different options out there for someone who wants to create a unique website, and being able to use them all is pretty much the best thing.

Easy Google Fonts

What we’ve got here isn’t necessarily the most simplistic of choices, but it is definitely one of the best ones in terms of what you do and how you navigate all of the options available to you.

When you get past the complicated layout, there’s quite a bit to appreciate here. It’s clear that a lot of time and effort went into giving you as much control over the different fonts as possible.


This final option is definitely one of the better ones because not only does it let you pick the font that you want, but it also gives you control over the colours that you use, and you can actually preview the changes that you’ve made before you publish the site and put it live. It’s a great package, for sure.

So, in conclusion, these are just a few of the different options that you have available to you when it comes to the optimum plugins for your WordPress site. It’s important to get the best options because these will give you the confidence that you need to experiment with the different fonts on offer.


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