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Dream Big: 5 Ways To Create a Bucket List

Dream Big: 5 Ways To Create a Bucket List

Whether you’re a list maker or not; the idea of creating a bucket list is actually about taking the time to stop what you’re doing and focus on what makes you happy. To think about the exciting things that you want to do in your life, the things that will make you feel alive. The stories that you want to tell your friends. And those once-in-a-lifetime experience that seems impossible, but that you want to dream and push for anyway.

Some people choose to list things down the old-fashioned way by putting pen to paper, while others save it down the electronic way, and some, if you’re like me, keep it as a bunch of ideas stored in your head. Whichever you choose, it’s so important to note down your dreams and passions. To take the time to figure out what those things are. Doing it gives you something to get excited about, gives you purpose, gives you something to refer too when life gets a bit too much, and you need to re-focus and remember what it’s all about.

The most important thing to remember is that once created, your bucket list shouldn’t just stay as a list to gather dust, you need to make sure you LIVE it. Don’t just dream it, but actually allow yourself to live the items on your list…all of them. There will always reasons not to and excuses that we give ourselves; time off work, time to plan, our responsibilities etc. but how about focussing on the reasons why you SHOULD do it? The fact that you deserve to feel passion, excitement and live beautiful moments. To turn your dreams into memories.

There are so many ways to create a bucket list, and Holly Patrick, Lifestyle Producer of heyyholly shares her top tips below:

The ‘treat the list like it’s a work project’ way:

TIP: this should be enjoyable and exciting so sit in a place that inspires you when working on this, and ask yourself the following questions while noting down the answers.

• What would you do if you had unlimited time, money and resources?
• Any countries, places or locations that you want to visit?
• What do you want to see in person, while you can?
• Are there any childhood passions that have fallen to the wayside that you still want to pursue?
• Any special moments you want to be a part of?
• What activities or skills do you want to learn or try?
• Are there any specific individuals that you want to meet in person?
• What feelings do you want to feel? Excitement, passion, joy, Drishti?

The ‘treat the list like it’s one of your best friends’ way:

Sometimes the things that inspire us most are other people. People we surround ourselves with, people we want to spend our time with, people we rely on… our friends. What better way to drum up ideas than with your best mate, a bottle of wine, and the list. Talk about it, add to it, enjoy it – and then hold each other accountable to live moments that make the best stories that you can tell each other once they’re done.

The ‘treat the list like it’s your handbag’ way:

Take it with you wherever you go and be aware of it so that the minute inspiration strikes or an idea pops into your head, you read something, overhear something or feel any urge at all; it’s always with you and you can make notes wherever you are.

The ‘treat the list like it’s your Doctor’ way:

Life can be a bit of a bitch sometimes. It can be tough, throw curveballs at you, make you cry, make you feel frustrated, make you stressed; and when it does; stop for a minute. Take the time to talk about all the good things that life has in store for you. All the exciting things that make you feel fired up, warm and fuzzy, dare I say…happy. Note them down. Take stock of them. Work towards them. Most importantly prioritise actually living them. Take action.

The ‘treat the list like it’s the love of your life’ way:

Respect it. Look after it. Let it look after you. Let it help you. Don’t let it make you feel like you’re not good enough to live it. Let it make you happy. Let it inspire you. Feel so proud of it that you can’t help but gush to others how happy it makes you. Fall in love with it. Prioritise it. Commit to it. Never neglect it.

It will change your life in more ways than you ever thought possible! 


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