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5 Firming Techniques For Your Skin

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5 Firming Techniques For Your Skin

Regardless of age (or wisdom) skin will continue to be a focus of attention for men and women everywhere. Skin can be soft and supple when we’re young and healthy. But when you’re unwell, eating poorly, or dehydrated, it will show on your skin. And over time, it will become more delicate and lose its firmness, giving your true years of life experience away. Sadly, this can start to show from our early thirties. So what can you do to reduce the appearance of a life well-lived on your skin?

Facial Muscle Exercises

Many people wrongly believe that smiling and moving the face muscles creates wrinkles. Lines may appear more pronounced and deeper while you are smiling, but moving your muscles doesn’t affect the quality of your skin at all. What it can do for you is firm up what is under the skin. It can also help with your circulation to offer a rosier glow to the tone of your skin. Moving the jaw and cheeks can help with other problems that are common to ageing much later in life, so keep smiling!

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic wave therapy is just one of several new facelift techniques available. This sort of treatment is ideal if you’re not keen to go under the surgeon’s knife. In fact, painless facelifts like this are becoming more and more popular, especially as they last quite a while too. They work by firming the area treated. This makes acoustic wave therapy ideal for areas prone to cellulite too.

Firming Creams

There are hundreds of different face creams on the market. Some claim to contain ingredients that help to plump up or firm up the skin on your face. Others use the term ‘tightening’ to refer to the same thing. It’s true that these moisturising creams can help the skin look healthy and they’ll relieve dryness. However, it’s important to pick a cream that is right for your skin type and the age of your skin too.

Weight Loss

Losing weight quickly can leave skin sagging. Baggy, excess skin is a nightmare for anyone that has worked really hard to improve their health. However, if you lose weight gradually, you can tone the muscles beneath the skin to offer a firmer look. Exfoliating and buffing away your older skin cells is a good idea, but doing this to excess can lead to sores and infection. You might even damage your skin. If you know you want to lose weight quickly, use quality moisturisers to help skin stay hydrated and supple.

Healthy Living

Healthy lifestyles do support healthy skin. A good diet can nourish the skin from the inside. Plenty of exercise can help release toxins and clear pores. But it is the increased heart rate from regular exercise that might give the impression your skin is firming up. As your circulation improves, excess fluid from around the eyes and along your jowls is swept away. The colour of the skin in these areas improves with the increased blood flow too. Does your skin look firmer when you work out?

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