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Style Guide – 3 Rules To Wearing Stripes For Men
how to wear stripes
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Style Guide – 3 Rules To Wearing Stripes For Men

Every year we see some of the world’s best menswear designers present their newest collections on the London Collections Men catwalks. And, despite a lot of their designs being for show rather than daily wear, there is always something designers agree on each season — stripes. The likes of Topman Design, Oliver Spencer and E. Tautz have incorporated stripes of various sizes and colours into many of their looks, showing that they’re definitely the pattern that creates a classic and tailored style.

So, if you want to take a cue from the fashion greats of the world and jump on the striped bandwagon, here’s what you need to consider first.

how to wear stripes

Choose their direction wisely

You have two fundamental options when it comes to choosing your stripes: should they be horizontal or vertical? Like many others, you might be of the belief that horizontal stripes are terribly unflattering. However, we’re here to bust that myth, because it’s simply not the case.

Yes, there is some truth to the notion that vertical stripes are best when you want to look taller. However, according to Psychology Today, studies have also found that horizontal stripes can make you appear slimmer. Therefore, you just have to decide which of these effects you’d like your clothes to have.

If you’re not worried about creating an optical illusion and simply want to look stylish, horizontal stripes are a particularly fashionable choice at the moment. And, if you’d like to give the trend a go, a casual T-shirt is a great, no-fuss place to start.

Keep them thin

When you’re trying something new, it’s always best to take baby steps. This can also apply to your fashion choices if you feel like changing things up. To begin with, choose pieces with thin stripes in subtle colours on a mens formal shirt. A shirt, in particular, is timeless and although stripes are always on-trend, you could easily wear it to complement other seasonal trends.

When it comes to stripes, the colours you choose are also very important. To make things easier for yourself, stick to a palette of similar colours. For example, various shades of blue work great together, as do different subdued earth tones.

how to wear stripes

Mix them carefully

If you’re not shy when it comes to fashion, then mixing stripes is a great way to keep things interesting. However, to avoid looking like you’ve overdone it, there are some guidelines you should follow. Firstly, the striped patterns you choose to wear together should not be the same. So, feel free to wear both a striped shirt and tie, but make sure their stripes aren’t the same colour, don’t have similar proportions, and go in different directions.

Again, it’s incredibly important to choose colours that work well together. A shirt with thin blue and white stripes would work great with a navy and sky stripe silk tie. Hand-made shoes and high-quality accessories are also must-have staples to complement this overall style. These Italian leather options from Eves and Gray are the perfect match for an on-trend yet timeless look.

eves and gray

Above all else, fashion should be fun, so don’t take it too seriously. It’s all about trial and error, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just try your best to learn from them.