What Does The Perfect Kitchen In 2017 Look Like?

We are now halfway through 2017, so it’s the perfect time to sit back and take a look at some of this year’s best trends. And which better room to start in than the kitchen. Here are some of the styles and trends that interior designers have been using in 2017’s most perfect kitchens.

An Industrial Vibe

Just a few years ago vintage kitchens were all the rage. However, these days, the period look is very much out, and now interior designers are moving towards a more industrial vibe in their kitchen. So that means porcelain sinks are out and metal sinks like the ones on this website are in. Wooden cabinets and cupboards are out, and metallic ones are very much in. If you flick through interior design magazines, you will also notice that exposed brickwork is proving to be very popular, and can also emphasise the industrial look of a kitchen.

Darker Colours

Light colours and pastel shades were also very popular a couple of years ago. That has all changed now, though, and you will notice that quite a few modern kitchens are now decorated with very dark tones. For example, dark wood is now a lot more popular when it comes to flooring and kitchen cupboards. However, if you do want to add some darker colours to your kitchen, you should be careful that you don’t make it too dark. Otherwise, it could end up feeling very compact and a lot smaller than what it actually is. It’s a good idea to stick with a white wall and add some dark furniture and aesthetic additions.

Minimalism Is Back

Do you dream of a clutter-free kitchen? Well, now is the time to strive towards that dream as minimalism in the kitchen is very much back in fashion. Interior designers are starting to cotton on to the fact that getting rid of all the clutter from worktops can help to open up the room and make it feel a lot more spacious. The best way to achieve a minimalist look to your kitchen is to add plenty of storage space in the form of cabinets, shelves and cupboards.

Lots Of Copper

Adding copper to kitchens is now extremely popular, and this popularity is probably being fuelled by the current industrial trend. There are various ways you can add copper to your kitchen, and one of the quickest and easiest is to simply buy some copper pans and utensils. If you want to add some metal furniture, you can also find plenty of statement pieces that have been completed with a copper finish.

Add Tech

Smart tech is all around us right now, and it is starting to make its way into our homes. The perfect place to add some to your property is in the kitchen. For instance, you can add smart kettles and coffee machines that can be controlled from your bed, making it a lot easier to get up in the morning.   

How will you perfect your kitchen this year?


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