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Up-and-Coming Sportswear Brands to Watch

sportswear brands

Up-and-Coming Sportswear Brands to Watch

If you’re still hitting the gym in a pair of worn-out leggings and an oversized t-shirt stolen from your boyfriend, you might want to consider investing in your exercise look. It’s not all about fashion over function, though – it’s actually more of a marriage between the two as, these days, activewear is a booming business which does an excellent job of making fitness garb look good, as well as feel good, thanks to the latest developments in textile technology. If you’ve not already been won over by the slew of cool sportswear brands out there, it’s time to stop overheating and struggling to move in your tired workout gear and invest in something more suitable – and chic.

Outdoor Voices

Sportswear brands often fall into the trap of producing endless lines of fluro-hued tops and colourful printed leggings, which is fine if that’s your bag, but it’s a pain for those who prefer a more subdued colour palette both inside and outside the gym. This is where Outdoor Voices comes in. The brand’s design team comprises talent formerly employed by the likes of Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang, and the up-and-coming fitness label’s clothes are both technically advanced and aesthetically pleasing, in shades of grey, cream, navy and charcoal.

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Alo Yoga

When Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift are endorsing your product all over social media, you know you’ve got a winning formula on your hands. That’s exactly the case for Alo Yoga, which – you guessed it – specialises in yoga wear for those with a ‘studio-to-street’ lifestyle. The brand recently started shipping to the UK, too… woop!

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Kit and Ace

You might remember Kit and Ace becoming a big deal in the mainstream media last year, when the press were alerted to the Canadian sportswear brand’s clever ways; namely, they started producing Technical Cashmere, a blended fabric which offers all the softness and cosiness of cashmere without the fuss: you can chuck it into the washing machine with everything else. Since then, Kit and Ace has continued to create brilliant, innovative sportswear-lifestyle clothing that simply feels amazing.

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