Thrillseeker Travel Inspiration: Theme Parks

For some people, holidays are about relaxing on a beach, doing as little as possible, and finally having the chance to recharge from the drudgery of work.

That’s not quite you, though – is it?

No, you prefer your holidays to come laced with a sense of excitement. A frisson; a white knuckle experience of thrill rides, sights to see, and adventures to be had. You don’t want to go and sit on a beach for two weeks; you want to do and see things that are going to permit you to let your hair down and just enjoy yourself.

By far the best way to do that is by travelling to a theme park – but with literally thousands of different attractions around the globe, which ones are worth considering?

The Classic: Walt Disney World, Orlando

Well, it wouldn’t be possible to mention the idea of travelling to a theme park without getting the granddaddy of them all in the USA out of the way!

Walt Disney World is home to more delights and excitement than you’ll ever be able to find the time to fit in. Rollercoaster fans can enjoy Expedition Everest, a twisting, G-force rich experience which adds the fascinating spin of moving from daylight to darkness during the ride. There’s also the famous Splash Mountain, as well as Mission: SPACE, a great ride that simulates space travel.

If you want to go to Walt Disney World for more than a day trip (and you should; the park is huge and impossible to cover in a single day) then you’re best to stay on-site. To lower costs, look for hotels in the surrounding areas – there’s plenty of transport to the park from around the city itself.

The Curve Ball: Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Okay, so you want to try something different and get a bit of unique travelling in too; if that’s the case, Ocean Park in Hong Kong should be calling you.

There’s plenty of rides to capture your attention and – despite the name of the park – not all involve water. The Hair Raiser is a rollercoaster any thrillseeker should ride, while The Abyss is just as terrifying as that name implies. There’s also plenty to see around the rest of the park, headlined by the giant pandas you won’t want to miss.

As with Walt Disney World, you can stay on site, but you’ll find it more affordable to stay with the likes of Southside accommodation in the surrounding district. The Park is easily reached, and you don’t need to worry about paying the theme park markups!

Honourable Mention: Alton Towers, UK

If you don’t fancy venturing far from home, then you can’t go far wrong with Alton Towers. Located in Staffordshire, the park has some of the best rollercoasters in the world, from the iconic Nemesis to the straight plunge of Oblivion.

If you don’t want to stay at the park itself, it’s worth considering the nearby Peak District as a base from which to travel to the park. The Peaks showcase some of the most spectacular scenery in the UK, so you can organise a holiday with a bit of relaxing in there too if you so wish!


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