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The Glass Pineapple began three years ago as a way to support emerging designers and labels through content and coverage via Instagram and blogging. By attending fashion weeks and shows and exploring communities, collaborations and studios they found a wealth of untapped fashion talent where the only barrier was a retailer who would invest up front in these unknown labels. So The Glass Pineapple decided to open the kind of online store they felt was missing from the market – to make it easier to buy these designers and to focus on more positive messaging to help drive fashion back towards the kinder, more experimental, more self-expressive and inclusive place.

What is The Glass Pineapple?

·       Emerging and undiscovered designers in one place – no need to spend hours tracking them down online

·       Innovative, creative and exciting aesthetics

·       New labels and brands for all budgets

·       Free UK shipping and returns, great customer service

·       Brands with values you can believe in

·       More insights – into the labels themselves and making size and style choices

The Glass Pineapple has become a go-to source for the latest in emerging fashion. Now they’re opening an online store.

The Glass Pineapple crowdfunding campaign 

A crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has just begun to drive the store launch. The campaign is designed to raise funds to create a simple, satisfying way for people to buy from new labels, with all the sophisticated customer service you’d expect from premium online fashion retailers.

They’ll also be looking to expand the coverage of emerging designers, from Belgrade to Copenhagen and Cape Town, supporting new names in fashion and promoting messages of body positivity and ethical style.

Find out more about The Glass Pineapple’s Indiegogo campaign below and pledge your support.

“We want to make it easy to buy from all the amazing designers we’ve found over the years. Plus, we believe that there’s a place in fashion for promoting a kinder and more collaborative approach that embraces diversity, inclusivity and openness without any compromise on aesthetics and style. You don’t have to opt for a crazy expensive label – or be a certain age, skin colour or size – to wear innovative pieces and look and feel amazing. We think it’s time to stop telling people that you do.”

Alex Pett, Founder The Glass Pineapple


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