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Style Resolutions You Should Consider Making in 2017

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Style Resolutions You Should Consider Making in 2017

As the new year approaches, many people will succumb to the age old tradition of making resolutions. We all have good intentions; whether it’s getting fit, eating healthy or learning a new skill but how long do they take to break? Looking at New Year resolutions in a different light, have you considered small fashion changes that can affect not only yourself but your wider environment for the long term?

Take a look at some of the ways you can make a difference to the way you shop in 2017 and stick to those new year goals.

Say No to Trends (If You Want To)

It’s so easy to succumb to trends without even realising. One minute you’re feeling pretty content with your wardrobe; the next, you’re walking through your local shopping centre and spot one of those ‘got-to-have-it-now’ items in a window, beckoning to you through the glass. Sure, that off-shoulder top with fluted, pleated sleeves might look good at that party you’re going to next week, but will you really want to wear it four months down the line? Probably not. By all means follow trends if that what makes you happy, but if you feel like you’re just keeping up with them for the sake of it, it’s probably time to remove ASOS from your bookmarks bar.

Aim to Shop More Ethically

Becoming a more ethically conscious shopper doesn’t mean you have to start wearing clothes made of hemp or dressing yourself head-to-toe in organic cotton; it’s just about being more aware of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ brands, not buying things you don’t really need, and not buying clothes from the high street just because they are so cheap. Remember that, if it’s cheap for the consumer, then someone is definitely paying for it. Not sure where to start when it comes to looking for alternative places to shop? Take a look at our list of brilliant, British-based ethical brands – there’s something there to suit everybody.

Stop Buying Clothes That Aren’t Your Size

Hands up if you have a designated section of your wardrobe to store the clothes you plan to wear if you lose weight? Yep, that’ll be most of us, then. It’s all too easy to find a beautiful dress that’s a couple of sizes too small, and then buy it anyway because you feel there’s a chance you might end up dropping those dress sizes someday. Unless you’re seriously planning to lose weight in the new year (though if this is the case, we’d still suggest buying new clothes after you’ve shifted those extra pounds), continuing to buy clothes that don’t fit is damaging to your bank balance and your self esteem. Enough already!

Have a Proper Wardrobe Clear-Out

While, yes, chucking your clothes away at the turn of every season is grossly wasteful, there’s no harm in giving your wardrobe a bit of a ‘spring clean’ every six months. Come January, then, pull out some bin bags and have a good rummage. You could either approach this with the Marie Kondo method (i.e. picking up each item individually and asking yourself whether or not it ‘sparks joy’ – you need to bin it if it doesn’t) or follow the tried-and-tested line of questioning: have you worn it, or even thought about it, in the last six months? If not, it’s destined for the charity shop.

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