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Signs Your Home Is Wasting Too Much Energy

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Signs Your Home Is Wasting Too Much Energy

There is no denying that most homeowners around the country are wasting energy without realising it. However, the trouble is that it is often hard to know how much energy you use and what you should do about it. With that being said, read on to discover some of the key signs that you are using too much energy around the home so that you can make the required changes.

You have ice dams

One of the key indicators that you are wasting energy within your home is the formation of ice dams. An ice dam is when there is a build-up of ice along the edge of your roof. This is created when heat is lost through the living area, escaping into the attic, and therefore, melting the snow on your roof. Of course, this is more likely to happen during the winter months! However, you do need to be careful because ice dams can cause damage to your roof and guttering, as well as water leaks, so you really do need to deal with them as quickly as possible.

You have not installed solar panels yet

Another sign that you are wasting energy is if you are yet to make use of the renewable energy sources that are available to us. Solar panels are a prime example of this. You may feel that they are too expensive, but you will be surprised by just how affordable they actually are.

You have not invested in a home automation system

Technology has advanced dramatically over the years, and this is something that we can definitely use to our advantage. Home automation is a prime example of this, and you can find more information on this matter here. Home automation enables you to manage all of your systems – from your heating and lighting to your entertainment systems – from your mobile phone. This gives you full control so you can lower energy use and your bills too.

Your utility bills are expensive

Speaking of bills, another clear sign that you are wasting too much energy is if your utility bills are high. Speak to your neighbours, if you are on friendly terms with them of course, and enquire about their heating and electricity bills so you can get an understanding of whether yours are expensive or not. You can also do a bit of research online.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding your energy use around the home and whether or not you are using too much of it. If you have noticed any of the signs that have been mentioned above, put the steps in place to use less energy and you will also lower your utility bills in the process.

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