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Pamper Your Car at Christmas

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Pamper Your Car at Christmas

Christmas is coming, and this is a time of year where people make long journeys to see loved ones. It is also around now that the mercury tends to plummet and the cold weather can play havoc with usually reliable engines. However, there are ways to minimise the chances of your motor having issues, so why not pamper your car at Christmas to avoid the likelihood of problems.

Service and MOT

These are two pretty vital elements of car ownership, but sadly servicing tends to get overlooked. If you have a requirement for higher mileage, then it is advisable to get your car serviced every six months. For most people, a quick checkup gets tied into the MOT, and we assume that covers us for the whole year. So, if you are due a service now is an excellent time to get it done.

In the Northolt area there are lots of garages so it can be stressful deciding where to go, so have a look around and maybe as for recommendations from friends if you are unsure. Currently, you can book MOT for as low as £39 from Iverson Tyres Middlesex branch, which is an excellent deal if your MOT is due now.

Check filters and fluids

Another is checking, or making sure the garage check, if you take your car in for loved ones, are the filters and fluid levels. Things like oil, waters, cold weather window washer liquid are all essential, but especially so in winter. It is crucial that you ensure any frost or snow is cleared off the car before you use it, and it is actually illegal to drive without entirely clearing the screens.

Keeping the filters and fluids at the correct level will mean that the engine should be more robust against the cold and start first time every time. If you decide to run the engine to warm up the car from the inside be sure to stay with it, as your insurance is invalidated if the car is stolen when running because you left it unattended.

Tyres and brakes

Some people like to change their tyres every six months, as you can get snow and ice tyres which perform better in colder conditions. However, this is not mandatory and well looked after standard tyres will see you through most driving conditions. Remember that air pressures can change quickly in colder weather so learn what yours should be and check them weekly.

Most petrol stations have an airline for hire; it only costs pence and means you can watch that issue for yourself. Checking your brakes is also highly advisable as braking distances are longer in wet or icy conditions and this can be made worse if your brake pads are badly worn. You need to ensure you can stop safely no matter what the weather is doing.

Overall keeping your car in tip-top condition all year should actually save you money and leave you at less of a risk of breaking down. If you are going on a long journey, it is always advisable to have breakdown cover in place.

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