Must-Read Career Tips from PR Superstar Aliza Licht

You might not have heard of Aliza Licht, but you’ll probably heard of DKNY PR Girl, the alias she adopted when running DKNY’s hugely popular Twitter account from 2009 to 2015. DKNY PR Girl was Licht’s baby, and her social media savvy – giving outsiders an insider’s view of the fashion industry – arguably changed the way the fashion industry approached social media, as many similar ‘PR girl’ accounts spawned as other brands slowly clocked onto the fact that the public appreciate it when they’ve given a look behind-the-scenes.

Shortly before her departure from DKNY, Licht published a book, Leave Your Mark, which promises to help you to “land your dream job, kill it in your career and rock social media.” Even if you’re not interested in PR, this is a brilliant read for anyone who wants to work within the creative industries. I’ve shoved this book down many of my friends’ throats because I wholeheartedly believe it’s one of the best career advice books I’ve read (admittedly, I haven’t read loads of career advice books but, still, this one is brilliantly motivating without coming across as cheesy or clichéd).

If you’re keen to find out what the fuss is all about, read on for some of Aliza’s top tips…

On the importance of being proactive even while you’re at university

“Too many students think college is a vacation, but the smart ones know they can’t just waste that time playing.”

On the importance of being proactive in general

“Don’t wait to be taught; go out and teach yourself. Showing potential employers all the classes you have taken to improve your knowledge will show determination.”

On writing CVs and cover letters

“If you can answer, ‘Why would they care about this?’ to every bullet point you write, you’re in good shape. If you can’t, lose it.”

On self-motivation

“Don’t expect a thank-you or a pat on the back. Do a great job for yourself.”

On being kind to everyone, because you never know who you’ll bump into later down the line

“People move around a lot within industries and it’s essential that you don’t burn bridges.”

On the importance of manning your emails when job-hunting

“Don’t go off for five days and desert your inbox. You need to be manning all your communication stations. People lose their appetite really quickly when they sense you’re not on it. People who neglect their inbox for even a day need not apply for anything.”

On applying discretion with social media

“If you wouldn’t feel comfortable running a full-page ad of your tweet in the New York Times, don’t post it.”

On not being a bitch

“There is no place for rolling eyes in business. Go back to the playground for that.”

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