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Meet the Editor
Natasha Henson

Meet the Editor

So British Style Bloggers was relaunched back in February and it’s been a great journey so far since its revival.  So much so that I have totally forgotten to introduce myself.  It’s always nice to put a face to a name and you may have seen mine at the bottom of several of our blog posts but I’d like to say a big heya my name’s Natasha and I’m the editor of this wonderful community and fashion blog British Style Bloggers.

british style bloggers - editor Natasha

So who am I?

Well I’m a pretty average joe that just loves anything a bit quirky along with vintage fashion especially the 1950s era and coffee (quite possibly a bit too much!).  I live in the countryside and although I used to live in London, I’m not coveting the fashion events and parties that you’d probably expect from a fashion blogger.  My passion is looking at the industry in a different way, don’t get me wrong I appreciate pretty outfits, fabulous soirees but the joy of living on the outside of it all, is looking in.

Fashion will always have that appeal and glamourous side to it but there’s so much more to the industry than glitzy parties and red carpet appearances.  I want this blog and community to be about exploring your own personal style and let’s face it everyone has one.  Whether you think you’re not a fashion person, the clothing industry is big business and we all wear clothes (well unless you choose not to of course) so whatever your perspective on it, we all have personal style, something unique to us.  So that’s what we want to celebrate as well as showcase, educate and give a little inspiration to people like me who just love fashion.

Blogger, writer, influencer

Whatever I call myself, my writing journey started about 3 years ago when I started my blog Elsie Delilah, this began as fashion then took on more of a lifestyle theme and is now that with a little travel shoved in for good measure.  This platform was the stepping stone to change my career and focus on doing what I loved, I didn’t even realise how much I’d love blogging and writing until I really got going.  So here I am now a content executive by day, blogger/writer and editor by night and loving finally doing something that I enjoy.

So what’s in store for British Style Bloggers

Firstly I’d like to say welcome to the community, we have lots of great subscribers now and we are continuing to blossom into a fantastic style society.  I have lots planned for the future of British Style Bloggers and would love everyone to join and enjoy this wonderful community of bloggers.  At the moment we are a small team but are working hard to bring the best in British fashion, events coverage articles on the industry, interviews and plenty of lovely things to get inspired.

We’re also working on a great project that will help any of you lovely people with tips, content and furthering your writing skills so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.

So that’s all from me, don’t forget to sign up our database (it’s just the small form in the sidebar) if you want to keep up to date with events, industry information and opportunities.  If you have any questions, topics you’d like us to cover or just feel like a general chit chat, pop me an email or send me a tweet at @British_Style, I’d love to hear from you


Words by: Natasha Henson

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