Make Your Kitchen The Best Room In The House

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where you make meals for the family, teach your children how to cook and spend at least an hour in each day. The kitchen is a huge part of our daily lives, which is why we should try our best to make it as warm, inviting and cosy as possible. You can find some great inspiration here, and check out the tips below to make your kitchen stand out from the crowd.

Vamp Up The Lighting

Lighting is of those things that make a huge impact on the size and feel of a room, but many of us don’t think about changing it because we can’t physically see the lights all the time. Modifying the color of your lights, or even the style can add a whole new level to your kitchen. Think about installing LED spotlights to the ceiling. This will make your ceiling look higher, and the room more spacious.

Invest In A New Sink

The sink is a surprisingly big part of the overall design of your kitchen, and there are so many styles you can go for. Depending on the size of your room, you can upgrade to a larger basin to add a feature to the room or opt for a more simple design. Butler sinks from Tap Warehouse are a great option if you want to integrate your sink into the storage below.

Lick Of Paint

Paint makes a huge impact on any room. Changing the colour of your walls immediately adds a new style and depth to the room and adds a new lease of life. Try mixing your own paint if you are feeling adventurous.

Add A Splashback

For any kitchen which involves a lot of cooking, a splashback is an excellent way to protect your walls and add a touch of colour to the room. You could opt for a clear splashback or go for something a little more daring.

Hang Some Art

Art is a surefire way to make any room in your house feel more like a home. There are plenty of beautiful landscapes, family photos or even funny prints relating to vegetables which would look great in your kitchen.

[media-credit name=”Crew/Unsplash” align=”aligncenter” width=”800″]kitchen art[/media-credit]

Fruit Bowl

Whether you like fruit or not, one of those staple pieces in a kitchen is a decorative fruit bowl. You can display this on the countertop, or on the kitchen table for a rustic, cottage feel to your home. It will also help to remind you to eat your 5-a-day, so it’s a winner all round!

Hide The Bins

Bins are ugly creatures. And no matter how hard companies try to make them look attractive, a bin is never a statement piece of design. Rather than a freestanding bin, why not be a little smart about it and use one of your cupboards to hide the bin, Or even have a door which has your bin hung onto the back so that it will open out when you pull on the door. Small changes like that can add a huge amount of room to your kitchen and make a big difference.

Match Your Appliances

The worst thing you can do when designing your kitchen space is to buy the perfect sink and taps, install a beautiful marble surface, and then place a big ugly kettle right there. It might seem a bit petty, but if you want to make a difference to the way your kitchen looks, matching your kettle and toaster to the rest of the room will make a massive impact to your overall design.

Make Your Own Jars

There are thousands of ideas on Pinterest about making your own coffee, tea and sugar jars. You can easily save a coffee jar such as a Douwe Egberts one and use it to create a new storage system for your kitchen. With some blackboard paint and some chalk you can instantly create cute little jars to display on your shelves. And why stop there? You could also store biscuits, spices, and herbs in jars too.

Tea Towels

Tea towels might seem like the most mundane item in the world, but they can add some serious life to your kitchen. You can pretty much buy tea towels in every colour imaginable, and why stop at colour? You can experiment with patterns and seasonal tea towels to spruce up your kitchen cabinets a little bit.

[media-credit name=”Jarosław Ceborski/Unsplash” align=”aligncenter” width=”800″]kitchen interiors[/media-credit]

Organise Your Cupboards

There’s not much worse than opening a cupboard to see a mountain of lose cleaning products before your eyes. And if you need to reach to one of the products at the back, you’ll inevitably end up causing a domino effect on your bottles until they are in a big pile on the floor. Box files and adhesive strips can be an ingenious remedy to this problem. Just take a file, and use some adhesive strips to stick it to the back of your cupboard door, that way you can store bottles in there and they won’t all try to leap out of the cupboard when you open it.

Upgrade Your Worktops

An ugly worktop can make the whole kitchen look dull and lackluster. However, you don’t have to resort to ripping the whole worktop out and replacing it. There are two ways you can make the best out of what you’ve got. First of all, you can purchase a large cutting board and place it on the counter to cover some of the space. Secondly, you can attempt to paint the worktop yourself. Although time-consuming, it saves you a lot of money and could be exactly what you needed to make your kitchen feel bright and new.

Hang Your Pans

If you have just treated yourself to a beautiful new set of pans, it would seem a shame to hide them in the cupboard. You can bring out your inner country side and hang your pans on the wall for that rustic, family feel. Soon your kitchen will be your favourite room in the whole house, and you’ll never want to leave!


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