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Living the Nomadic Lifestyle: How to Travel and Work When You Have Children

travelling with kids

Living the Nomadic Lifestyle: How to Travel and Work When You Have Children

Nomadic lifestyles are becoming incredibly popular among those that just can’t get enough of travelling. If you’re lucky enough to have a job or a career that allows you to travel and work at your leisure, then you’ve probably thought about having children at some point too. However, do you settle down and pick one country to live in, move back to your home country or do you continue living life on the road?

When we have children and start a family, they usually become our number one priority and, as you can imagine, having a child usually involves a lot of sacrifices. To make things easier, we’ve put together a few points to think about if you’re considering the possibility of living a nomadic lifestyle and having children while you do it.

Always have a plan

Before you go on a big trip, always make sure that you’ve got a plan for you and your children. Whether it’s planning out meals in advance or securing some accommodation and baby food, there are many more considerations to keep in mind and you need to come to grips with the fact that your baby is not as physically strong as you. Sure, a bad day where you have to camp out in a sleeping bag in the rain might not be a huge deal for someone that has fully embraced the nomadic lifestyle, but for your child, it could be incredibly dangerous. Always make sure you have a plan when travelling with your child and plan for any potential failure.

Consider schooling options

Whether you homeschool your child or decide to stay in a country for a year or two for studies, make sure you consider the different schooling options you have. For example, if you’re heading to China then you might consider the Tianjin international school, a bilingual school that has a unique community and schooling system. Alternatively, you could pick up lessons on how to teach your children yourself and simply purchase books to carry around with you. There’s a surprising number of choices if you’re willing to look around for them.

Get a job that you can do anywhere

One of the criteria for becoming a travelling nomad with children is to have a lucrative job that allows you to work no matter where you are. For instance, you could be a travelling performer or even a freelance writer. Whatever the job is, it needs to make some money so that you can keep up your nomadic lifestyle but also be enough to pay for essentials that your child needs.


While living a nomadic lifestyle is a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding, it takes a lot more than you might think to raise a family while on the road all the time. However, if you don’t want to stay at home and look after your child the whole time, then follow these tips to help you live a nomadic lifestyle while still cherishing a child.

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