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Life Tricks Everyone Needs To Know

life hacks

Life Tricks Everyone Needs To Know

Leaving school to become an adult is a little bit of a challenge and our lives are suddenly completely different. We have a real solid routine, a job, bills, kids… there are a lot of things to balance in life and we need to be able to balance everything for an easy ride. But being an adult can be ahead sometimes and no one ever truly has it all figured out.

Today we are going to chat about some small life hacks which everyone needs to know to make your day go just a little bit smoother.

Study for your job

If you want to get ahead in your career and you aren’t sure how else you will be able to trump the competition and climb up that ladder, then think about studying at home in something relevant to your job role and putting it onto your CV. There are lots of courses you can do for any job and you can take a look at Wilfrid Laurier Online Policing to see what kind of things will work for you. Study is a great thing to do and we should never truly stop learning even in adulthood.

Waterproof shoes

If you have recently bought yourself a brand new pair of trainers or converse and you couldn’t bear the thought of them getting wet and ruined, then you are very much in look. This simple trick involves melting down an old candle or some wax and then using this to paint a thin layer of clear wax all over your shoe. Wax repels water and therefore if it rains or you fall into a puddle you won’t get your shoes wet!

Quick dry clothes

One of the things which can be annoying if you have a small home to live in is not having the space for a dryer. If you haven’t got a dryer at home but you need to dry your clothes quickly for a night out or for work, you can place a dry towel down and place your wet garment inside. Now pick up and roll the towel around it. Pick it up and twist as tight as you can. Repeat a few times and then unwrap the garment and let it dry on the radiator.

Odour free shoes

If you have been either running around or sweating on a hot day in your shoes, by the next day they might be a little bit smelly and this smell can travel around the house. To avoid smelly shoes you can place a few teabags into the shoes and leave them for a day or two and the smell should simply fade away, another idea would be to fill the shoes with baking soda and rice for the same effect.

Stretch out tight shoes

There is nothing more annoying than excitedly buying a new pair of shoes only to come home and find that they don’t fit your feet yet. To loosen up tight shoes all you need to do is wet a little bit of newspaper and then pack your shoes full with them until the shoes naturally stretch out. Leave for a day or two and then try yours shoes again and they should be much easier to put on.

Avoid vacuuming up your earrings

If you have dropped an earring or a bobby pin on the floor and you are unable to locate it, there is always a worry that the next time you vacuum the floor you’ll end up sucking it up into the machine. To avoid this you can simply cover the end of the vacuum with some tights and vacuum around the area you lost it. You should be able to find the thing you lot and it won’t be sucked into the machine and will simply stick to the tights.

Time your water

As much as we try to be healthy and tell ourselves to drink more water and eat more fruit, a lot of us don’t actually do it and this can make it hard for us to maintain good healthy habits. However a good way to make sure you are drinking enough water in the day is to mark a water bottle with a line for each hour of the day and make sure you drink up to that line every hour. This will ensure your body stays hydrated but also that you don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of drinking so much water.

Eat all your nutrients

Trying to think about all of the different vitamins and minerals our body needs every day will often involve us trying to research lots of different foods and trying to find which ones we need on our plate each day. It can become a chore and most of us simply give up trying. However, another way to ensure you have a range of nutrients is to eat the rainbow. Eat different coloured fruits and vegetables every day and this will ensure you are getting a range of the things you need in the body. The more colourful your plate is the better.

Get rid of tough stains on the toilet

Sometimes no matter how much we bleach the toilet it can end up becoming slightly grey and dark over time due to a buildup of grime. To get rid of these stains and make the toilet look brand new you can simply pour a can of coke into the bowl and leave it overnight before scrubbing with soapy water and flushing. The fizz and the acid in the coke will help eliminate those stains.

Unclog the drains

All you will need for this is a couple of cups of boiling water, some white vinegar and some baking soda. Start off by pouring a cup of boiling water down the drain. Next up mix a cup of boiling water with ½ cup of vinegar. Pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain and then pour the vinegar mixture over the top. You can place the plug over this to contain the reaction and leave for 20 minutes. Pour some more boiling water down the drain and it should be totally clear.

Keep the showerhead clean

The inside of the showerhead can be easily forgotten about and it is totally understandable that it isn’t the first thing you think of in the morning, however it is super easy to keep clean. All you need is a food bag filled with white vinegar and some tape to secure the bag. Place the shower head into the bag and secure with tape. Leave overnight and then remove the bag and run the show rrfr a few minutes to rinse it out. It should be good as new!

Secure your buttons

When you have bought a new shirt you never want the buttons to fall off, but this can happen sometimes and often at the worst possible moment. To avoid this happening again, take your shirt and find where the buttons are threading through. Onto the thread, pour a small drop of nail polish and leave to dry, this will effectively glue the thread together and stop it from loosening.

Makeshift deodorant

If you wake up one morning and you have realised you have no deodorant left before you go to work, don’t panic. A really easy way to make sure that you smell fresh is to grab a cotton pad and pour on a small amount of mouthwash before rubbing this under your arms. This can also work with lemon juice for a fresh smell.

Better sound system

If you are out with your friends and you are playing some music on your phone the sound might not be as impressive as you hoped it would. To act as a makeshift amplifier you can simply place your phone inside a drinking glass and it will make the sound travel much further. It is a good trick which can save you having to buy a pair of speakers for your home when you are on a budget!

Making ice last

When you are out for the day in the summer you will likely want to bring along some picnic foods, and we often use a cooler bag to do this. A cooler bag consists of ice packs which we freeze before the day and place in to replicate the effect of a fridge, however on a hot day the ice packs might not last too long. To stop the ice from melting too quickly we can lower its temperature by pouring some salt onto it. The ice packs will stay cold as will your food and drink!

No toothpaste? No problem!

There can be no worse feeling than waking up before work in the morning and realising you have no toothpaste left. To make sure you can stay minty fresh all day you can simply chew on an apple for a while and this will mimic the effect of a toothpaste and keep your breath nice and fresh.

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