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Glasses Half-Full: Increasing Your Reading Speed

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Glasses Half-Full: Increasing Your Reading Speed

We all need little hacks to make life a little bit easier. One of those that comes in handy through all walks of life is the ability to read faster. Lots of people think this is sheer rubbish, but there are skills you can use to make your overall comprehension and reading speed more quickly. So, what is it you need to make sure you read faster, and therefore, make more time for the important things in life?

Eliminate Distractions

You’ve got to pick your space effectively. If you are trying to study where there’s a whole manner of noise and confusion around, this stress is going to impact your ability to focus. Also, consider the tools you use to read. A friend didn’t realize they needed glasses until they hit 25, and prior to that, they just thought they were no good at reading! And for those that have glasses already, you can benefit from getting regular eye tests just to make sure that your ability to view words are up to speed, and you’ve got the right glasses for the task itself! You can’t do effective studying if you don’t have the proper environment. This is essential. Figure out where you study best.

Avoid Subvocalising

Subvocalizing is where your subconscious mind attempts to pronounce the words. Even though you don’t say them out loud, your mind does it for you. This is known as subvocalising, and this is the hardest habit to untrain when you are looking to read faster. The trick to this is about training your brain to look at a word in silence. This can take some time, but pull out any word in a piece of text and look at it in complete silence. The trick is to avoid the desire to pronounce these words. This is where some mindfulness can come in handy. Look at words and think about these without the desire to pronounce them, and this will shave off valuable seconds, which adds up over time!

Determine Your Baseline

Understanding your basic reading level is key to measuring your growth over time. Make sure to take regular tests, either by measuring your average reading speed, or heading online to a resource that can do it for you, such as Reading Soft.

Use A Pointer

Much of our inability to read faster is down to one simple thing, focus. Use a pointer, and specifically, use your left index finger. This is aligned to the right side of your brain, which is to do with creativity and insight. You can use a pencil, to begin with, if it’s easier, but the trick is to maintain your focus.

Train, Train, And Train Again

It doesn’t happen overnight, speeding up your reading is a long journey, but consider the impact it will have on your overall life. If you study a lot, you could shave off hours of revision time, meaning you can do other things with your life, but consider the fact that your ability to take in more knowledge means you will be a more intelligent person, which will affect every single area of your life for the better. Regardless of your reading ability right now, it’s one of the skills we could all benefit from.

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