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Get Yourself Promoted into a Leadership Role

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Get Yourself Promoted into a Leadership Role

You could be the hardest working member of your team with everyone else following your instructions. Although that might show you have some leadership qualities it will not necessarily get you moved up the ladder into executive leadership. If this is the situation you are in, there are some things you can do to help you get noticed and maybe the promotion you want.

Be Visible

Interact with other teams members as much as you can, but also with people from other departments. It will not do your career much good if you work quietly in a corner all day, no matter how good the work is that you turn out. You need to make yourself as visible as possible, and to let people know the success your team has achieved.

This can be helped a great deal by actually speaking face-to-face with someone rather than sending them an email.

Look To The Future

It is said that managers deal with the task in hand, leaders look to the future. This could be in meetings where you could explain how a project is helping with the long-term future of your employers, or in one-to-one meetings where you can show that you have the future in mind.

On a more personal level, you could work at improving any qualifications you have, as most of them can now be completed online and to fit in with your lifestyle. For instance, an online accredited MBA could go a long way to helping your aspirations. In fact, it could mean that when jobs higher up the ladder are advertised, you will have more of a chance of being a successful candidate.

Ask The Right Questions

A true leader will want to know more than why a project deadline has not been met or why it has gone over budget. They will be asking their teams members if there is anything on their minds about the work, and follow it up with a question and answer session.

They will try to get to the bottom of the problems, and will do this without making the team members feel they are to blame., When a team does not reach its goals, all the members have to accept a share of the responsibility, and no one person should shoulder it all themselves.

Be A Mentor

Do not treat your skills as though they are a state secret that you cannot share with anyone else. Unless you have signed an agreement that says otherwise, or you are trying to protect some sales leads, share your wisdom and help colleagues that are struggling. By becoming the mentor that everyone can turn to you will be building trust and loyalty, which are two things that are vitally important for any executive leader. Also be aware, that you could learn things from other staff members, so always be prepared to listen carefully to whatever they have to say.

These extra traits will help you progress further in your chosen career, and should not be treated lightly as they are crucial to your success.