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Designer Interview | Lauren Gilberthorpe
lauren gilberthorpe

Designer Interview | Lauren Gilberthorpe

We love sharing insights to the creative industry incorporating all aspects of design and innovation. Recently Editor Natasha had the pleasure to talk to interior designer Lauren Gilberthorpe on her love of creating a unique space with a combination of colour and pattern whilst incorporating vintage with modern touches.

Lauren’s business Lauren Gilberthorpe Interiors is a full-service residential interior design company based in Cheltenham in the Cotswolds. LGI assists clients with a wide range of challenges including: collaborating with architects and builders, selection of architectural finishes and details, decorating with furniture and soft furnishings, bathrooms and kitchens, fabrics and accessories and creating bespoke pieces designed specifically for your living space.

Lauren, please give us a little insight into your creative background.

I have loved art and interior design for as long as I can remember. Even as a young child, I’d move furniture around in my room and buy cushions with my pocket money! After completing a degree in design, I went on to work for various design studios before starting my own in April of 2015.

Who was your influence when you discovered interior design?

My mother was a huge influence on me, she would always be tweaking and re-designing our home and there were piles of interior design magazines in the house. I come from a very creative family and growing up I was inspired by family members who were photographers, textiles artists and interior designers.

What have been your key inspirations for your design and concepts?

Primarily I am inspired by colour, it has been a huge obsession for me for as long as I can remember. I always start designing a space with a ‘colour story board’ (attached) as this inspires the whole feel for a space from the paint colours through to all other finishes and shapes and textures in the room.

Describe your ideal space and interiors that have really impressed you.

I have been a huge fan of the designer Kit Kemp for a long time now. I love her playful, colour filled designs. Kit Kemp is co-founder and design director of the hotel collection, Firmdale Hotels.

Are there enough opportunities for emerging designers to showcase their designs and enter this competitive industry?

I think if you love what you do, and you get out and meet people and do work experience, then yes. If you want something enough then anything is possible!

What has been your most memorable success to date?

I’ve completed some really exciting projects whilst working for other companies but I’d say the thing I am most proud of has been starting my own business. It has been the greatest challenge but something I am incredibly proud of.

On a personal note, how would you describe your style?

Relaxed, colourful, pared-back eclectic.

Do you have any advice for designers entering this industry?

The number one tip I have for aspiring designers is to get out from behind their laptop screens and go and meet people face to face. Interior designers get a lot of generic CV’s sent via email and so it makes a big difference if you can stand out from the crowd.

Do you recommend any key resources for aspiring interior designers?

There are some fabulous interior blogs out there, and of course Pinterest. However, I’d highly recommend going to London and wandering around Chelsea Harbour or The Kings Road. Chelsea Harbour has a fabulous book shop full of inspiration that isn’t on Pinterest!

In your opinion is design an art or a science?

Art! It’s about a feeling, there is no formula.

We’d like to thank Lauren for sharing her love of interior design and helpful insights into the creative industry. Check out LGI’s Instagram page for lots of fabulous inspiration.