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Cheap and Cheerful Garden DIYs To Spruce Up Your Space


Cheap and Cheerful Garden DIYs To Spruce Up Your Space

Now that the weather has warmed up, you will of course be wanting to spend more time outdoors with friends and family. But if yours is dull, uninspiring and lacking personality there’s no need to fret, a quick tidy up and one of these inexpensive DIYs will transform it into a space you can be proud of. Here are some projects to consider.

Raised Flowerbeds

Raised planters and flowerbeds look really effective, and are a great DIY for both large and small gardens. Even if you have a small concrete courtyard, a long slim raised planter across one wall can massively transform the space. Pack it full of bulbs and seeds which flower at different times of the year and watch it burst into colour. Equally, if you have a huge garden raised planters can work well too. They can be used to ‘section’ off different areas, for example, two long planters with a gap in the middle to walk through could create definition between the patio area and the rest of the yard. Plus, if you have dogs it stops them from trampling/ peeing all over your beautiful blooms! Most plants don’t stand up too well to dog urine (and if you’re growing herbs or other edible plants it’s something to be especially aware of!) Another benefit is it makes pulling out weeds and harvesting things much easier too since you don’t have to get down on the ground. They’re so simple to make, your first step is to source the right kind of wood. Places like George Hill Timber have plenty on offer; ideally you need something that’s either pressure treated or contains natural oils to stop rotting. Otherwise, treat it with a paint or oil to protect against the elements. A good tip is to use thicker boards since these will last far longer before rotting- ten years in some cases even without treatment. Fill the beds with soil, compost and other organic materials like manure to give whatever you grow plenty of nutrients.


Installing a pond is one of the single best things you can do in your garden to help wildlife. Due to land being built on or used as farmland, many natural bodies of water no longer exist. When you build a pond, you can help birds, frogs, and other amphibians, insects and so much more. In turn, this then helps animals like hedgehogs who eat the insects, and you help to create a natural habitat for many different species to live. Start by excavating a hole in the ground the size that you want the pond and getting rid of the soil. Remove any sharp lumps or stones and line it with builders sand. Carefully lay down some pond liner, being careful not to puncture or tear it. The pond can then be filled with water, with bricks, paving slabs or other decorative rocks around the outside to hold the liner down. Be sure to plant up different plants or grasses around the pond to give animals and insects a place to hide, there are plenty of aquatic plants and fish you can buy from garden centres to really get your pond going.

Fire Pit

We might be in the warmest seasons of the year now, but even in summer, when the sun goes down it can be a little chilly. If your parties generally carry on through to the evening, installing a fire pit is a great option. Not only do they look fantastic in the garden but they’re functional too. All you really need is some concrete, paver stones and fire brick along with a couple of basic tools. Follow a tutorial such as this one for step by step instructions.

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